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Good work done today. Resting 'til tomorrow.

Today I dedicated a number of hours (approximately five) to getting a major research assignment done. I need to schedule approximately five more hours before Friday, to complete it (we have a meeting to discuss the results on Sunday, and on Saturday, I’m not available). 1,039 more words


Self-Care: Job Search Season Edition

Yet another post regarding the job search process! They say looking for a full-time job is a full-time job itself. Knowing this beforehand helps, but you might not fully understand the breadth of it until you’re in the midst of the storm itself. 503 more words

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What I Learned in Graduate School

Fresh from completing my Master’s (or is it Masters?) degree in Art History I had some pretty Hot Takes on the whole process, as you can read in my August 2015 essay,  821 more words


Fitting it all in: Hacking Library School as a parent

An ongoing series about the juggling the challenges of library school as a parent.

When I first wrote about being grad school as a new parent, many of the challenges were of the existential kind: What does it mean to be a parent now that I have a new little life I am responsible for 24/7? 1,159 more words

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Student Experience: Jane Kelly

This post is part of the Student Experience series, which features current and former archives students as they reflect on graduate school, internships, and early career issues. 468 more words

Student Experience

One paper down; gaining some breathing room.

I’ll try not to make this a long post. I started to write something here right after I got out of bed, today, but instead diverted myself into a paper that is now completed and turned in. 372 more words


Bearing the Unbearable: Thoughts on Holocaust Literature

So jumping into this new year, I just finished listening to the audiobook of The Nightingale, by Kristen Hannah. It a historical fiction novel telling the story of two sisters, living in Nazi occupied France during World War II, and how the war affects each of their lives. 435 more words