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How this school improved their reading rate!

We all know how important reading is for children, not only does it help with basic speech skills it also helps with better communication, concentration and gives the child a higher aptitude for learning. 305 more words

A Place to belong, a place that belongs (2016 Designing Libraries Conference Report)

Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning
Photo credit: Emily Puckett Rodgers

It was the last day and the final panel of the Designing Libraries for the 21st Century conference… 445 more words

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Türkiye'nin en iyi 10 kütüphanesi (Kaynak: Hürriyet)

SALT Galata

Dijital dünyada kitaplar eski önemini yitirmiş gibi mi görünüyor? Kabul, internet hız kazandırıyor ama gerçek bilgi hâlâ tarihi beş bin yıla giden mabetlerde, kütüphanelerde… İtalyan düşünür Umberto Eco ile sinemacı Jean-Claude Carrière, “Kitaplardan kurtulabileceğinizi sanmayın” derken haklı değil miydi? 77 more words


De Krook Urban Library of the Future and Centre for New Media, Gent, Belgium @dekrookbe

The design for the Urban Library of the Future and Centre for New Media creates a dynamic, flexible and open knowledge environment, with an open landscape, alternative circulation routes, several meeting areas and a public plaza. 123 more words

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New first-class learning space

We are pleased to announce that the Hartley Library Level 3 Refurbishment Project has been completed.  Over the course of 5 weeks, from mid-September to mid-October, the area at the front of Level 3 has been transformed to a first-class learning space from which all Hartley Library users can benefit. 111 more words

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