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in which I wince emphatically and plan my life as a benevolent dictator

I was deep into the 590s, nearly finished with shelving brightly-coloured and somewhat battered hard-covers about platypi and mollusks. All I needed now was to take was one more step – a single sideways motion that would allow me to come alongside the shelf and bring the newly numerical 590s flush with the shelf-edge and each other. 155 more words

Library Life


Recently, 9 May 2015, I graduated with my undergrad degree, a Bachelors of Science in Science. 3 and a half years studying biology, and I am so happy with that! 368 more words

Library Life

Circulation Stats: How are we doing?

As I started to think about end of the year reports and how things have been going here in the library, I must confess that I had more than a little trepidation…  This is my fourth year here at Pollard and our circulation has been booming over those years. 76 more words

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Librarian's log: Day 1

Year 2015, 5th month, 11th day.

Cold and sunny.

Integration proceeding smoothly. Meetings conducted successfully, signature managed on all requisite paperwork, relevant questions asked at appropriate moments. 111 more words

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Library Displays: Merchandising Tips

Last week I went to a Library Journal Lead the Change Workshop. The main speaker was David Vinjamuri, a guy from outside the library world. He’s a marketer who teaches branding at NYU, but started writing about libraries and the book world for Forbes and is now speaking at continuing education workshops for librarians. 1,352 more words

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Library Program: Solar-Powered S'mores Ovens

Full disclaimer: this program was not my idea, I just happened to be working in the teen zone the day it was scheduled, and Miriam, our awesome teen librarian, said she’d work the desk and I could help with the program, which was presented by the environmental studies club at KU for Earth Day. 285 more words

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Find Your Next Book: Readers' Advisory on Tumblr

One night about a month ago, I was looking through my personal tumblr and the LPL’s tumblr looking for a booklist I knew I had seen and thought I had reblogged in one of the two places, but alas, I couldn’t find it. 729 more words

Readers' Advisory