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Chapter 1, Page 5

I’m getting a little worked up just trying to write this first sentence.

Throughout the handful of years I’ve been in my career, I’ve witnessed many occurrences that have made me reflect on what a privileged life I have lived thus far, and how lucky I am to continue to do so. 169 more words

Chapter One

Chapter 1, Page 4

You know you’re a 90’s kid when a the Sailor Moon Moon Stick sends you into a fit of giddy, high pitched, happy yelps.

Crafted by a vendor at Supercon 2015! 92 more words

Chapter One

The summation of my trip: one broken suitcase, two pairs of well-worn shoes, three different countries on various luggage tags, and piles upon piles of clothes that need washing and things that need putting away. 121 more words

The Saskatchewan Years

Library returns

So… a 14 year old boy returned these to the Library yesterday…

I assume the Bible is the chaser for 50 Shades so he can get over his guilt??? 32 more words

Library Life

A life sinking slowly

As a librarian, I encounter all sorts of people, from the smugly self-satisfied to those barely clinging on. This is a story of the latter. 413 more words

Library Life

I am not a codfish... I am not a codfish...

I’m in London town! Yesterday I was in Manchester. The day before that I was in Scotland. I think I’m getting used to this whole gallivanting thing – you go around and see things and play and the most difficult situation I’ve encountered since last week Monday is deciding whether to go to Brighton tomorrow or stay in London. 477 more words


Pro Tips: Packing Your Lunch

Librarians are not known for their top tier earnings. More’s the pity! We totally deserve it. But until the rest of the world wakes up to this irrefutable truth, we remain a profession that could stand to save a few bucks. 1,245 more words