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Storms! Batten down the hatches!!

I have been pretty quiet lately and I have to apologise, we have been hella busy.

Meanwhile over the past few days Sydney and surrounding areas of NSW have been rocked by massive storms which have caused havoc and sometimes heartbreak in many areas. 311 more words

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The 'do what you love' dilemma

Recently, I looked at enrolling in a graduate certificate program, mainly because it had “writing” in the title. I’ve always been an avid writer, from writing little stories as a kid to my recent foray into music journalism and this blog. 875 more words

Library Life - All Ages Events

Welcome to Library Life. In each post, I’m going to share a glimpse of my life working in a public library. Today, I’ll share about a series of YA/Adult crossover events in my local branch. 556 more words


Intervention Needed...

I work at a library, a dangerous job for a girl who wants to read ALL THE BOOKS.  Needless to say, my queue has gotten a little ridiculous as of late!   70 more words


A Letter...

Dear James Patterson,

Would it be at all possible for you to stop attaching your name to every book ever published?  We’re beginning to run out of room in the… 6 more words


The Rescue of Johnny Depp

Last night some douche pants left this little prince in the library car park. He survived the night in spite of some terribly cold weather and was found under the bins this morning. 193 more words

Library Life

March Madness with Books

Pollard students really enjoyed our recent March Madness with Books contest. We started with the sixteen most popular fiction books by circulation. I used the standard 16 bracket formation — #1 seed vs. 166 more words

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