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Gaming Again

 My husband and I are gamers.  Since moving we have been able to keep up with some of our gaming groups online.  We are part of a static group that has been playing two different Turbine Games (DDO online and LOTRO Lord of the Rings online) for nearly 8 years.   87 more words

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Life Happens

So, Now in Texas, and the weather followed us.  As stated Life Happens… The Holidays of the last year came and went.  They were both happy and sad.   72 more words

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Change and Opportunity

Change occurs and opportunities happen.  My husband and I had a chance to make this happen, so we took it.  We had been thinking about our lives and careers and what path they were taking.   45 more words

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Online Learning...

A free online course was offered at Elmhurst College.  I figured hey why not.  It is a four week class, consisting of seven modules.  Each of these contain readings, exercises, and quizzes.   47 more words

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Moving Forward

LibGuides is now being utilized by the Library. We are working on converting libdata coursework pages to Libguides.  We are learning and transferring data while LibGuides is also in the process of updating with new options.

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Winter Has Come

As you can guess, I am a big fan of The Game of Thrones.  The foreboding theme of the books became a reality recently.  Winter hit hard, not only weather wise, but professionally and personally.  46 more words

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Introducing: Library Musings!

Happy New Year, friends!

It’s been a long time. With holidays, finals, and work commitments, my life got a little too crazy in November and December! 178 more words