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Wawa Wars

There is a rumor that Fox News turkey Sean Hannity was booed out of a Wawa sandwich shop in downtown Philadelphia last night. The story is almost certainly not true. 609 more words


Shocking News From the Library of Congress

Before leaving Washington for a seven-week vacation, the U.S. Congress did something unprecedented: It approved the appointment of a professional librarian to run the Library of Congress. 166 more words


When In Doubt Shut Up

When you publish a list like the one below, you are placing a target on your back. Above the bulls-eye is the word hypocrite. PG does not claim to take all of these suggestions. 269 more words


Notes from the Library of Congress

We are in the hallowed Main Reading Room of the Library of Congress, having come through a serpentine tunnel nicknamed the “Yellow Brick Road” after its pleasant yellow walls. 861 more words


Gayest Neo-Fascist Rally

I’m With The Banned hit the innertubes recently. It is the story of how “a radical queer feminist leftist writer *burdened* with actual principles” attended the “Gays for Trump” party at the Republican National Convention. 541 more words


Architecture: The Neoclassical City!

The American Renaissance Neoclassical Architecture.

Designs are derived from ancient Greece, ancient Rome and medieval Europe.

The Thomas Jefferson Building at the Library of Congress: … 69 more words


How Donald Trump Could Win

“Michael Moore is afraid and is convinced that Trump will win. Prove him wrong!” The comment supplied a link, Michael Moore Gives 5 Scary Reasons Why Trump Will Win. 428 more words

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