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RIP Jack Chick

Jack Thomas Chick is someone you know, but have never heard of. He created the gospel tract. Go to his site, and you can read his story. 1,138 more words

Library Of Congress

Tom Paine

There is a meme floating through the innertubes. “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” Thomas Paine English-American political activist, writer and revolutionary. 660 more words

Library Of Congress

Public Dialogue: "It All Started with Thomas Askew"

Recently I moderated an important discussion at SCADShow about photographer Thomas Askew that highlighted Atlanta history, Black identity and reframing narratives related to cultural memory. Esteemed photographer historian Dr. 68 more words


National Liberal Teachers Union

PG was minding his business when the phone rang. It was Nima, from VR Research, with a telephone survey. PG gave consent, and the procedure began. 317 more words

Library Of Congress

Branding a Man, Branding a New Country: Abel Buell’s New and Correct Map of the United States of America, 1784

A guest post by Laura Macaluso

Preservation comes in all shapes and sizes. Adventures in Preservation focuses their partnership projects on buildings and historic sites both in the United States and across the globe, but heritage preservation also encompasses other forms of culture, such as archaeology, artwork, oral history, foodways, and landscape design, just to name a few. 1,129 more words

Historic Preservation

His Argument's a Little Flaky

You think you’re so superior because they put you on a pedestal.  Well, they named a shampoo after ME — Head and Shoulders.

Photo: The Great Hall of the Library of Congress