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Anxiety Free

Leahy, R. (2009) Anxiety Free: Unravel your fears before they unravel you. United Kingdom: Hay House UK

Quiet by Susan Crain

I began my initial research by reading ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain, which explored the benefits of being an introvert or a quiet person. I felt I could often relate to what was being discussed. 42 more words

Deep Storage

Schaffner, I. & Winzen, M. (1998) Deep Storage: Collecting, Storing and Archiving in Art. Munich/New York: Prestel

Reading this book about artists’ collections, I was inspired by this quote: ‘artists collect the trivial that becomes exceptional in a collection’. 49 more words

I love Stationery by Charlotte Rivers

Rivers, C. (2012) I Stationery. London: Jacqui Small Ilp

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about different artists/designers  who use the traditional printing processes in a contemporary manner. 27 more words

The Art of Clean up: Life made neat and tidy

Wehrli, U. (2013) The Art of Clean up: Life Made Neat and Tidy. San Francisco: Chronicle Books LLC

I found the way Wehrli playfully rearranges everyday items into neat rows, reminded me of the display in Present & Correct. 14 more words