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Not so Illuminated: Cheaper Versions of Medieval Printed Books

In our previous post, we saw how a consumer demand for highly decorated, luxury books remained in 15th Century Europe, long after the exclusive and expensive practice of copying manuscripts out by hand was replaced by the cheaper and quicker process of printing. 524 more words



A view of one of my favorite places.

Imitation Game

Friday, June 5  1:00PM

In 1939, newly created British intelligence agency MI6 recruits mathematician Alan Turing to crack Nazi codes, including Enigma — which cryptanalysts had thought unbreakable. 76 more words

Adult Programs

Dreams and Shadows: The Aylosian Chronicles – Jeffrey Collyer

A young man, Michael, has had a less than ideal childhood. The only thing he is aware of in his short 19 years of life, is that his mother abandoned him, his foster mother died when he was 5 years old, and his foster father, Rob, was so absorbed in his own grief that Michael was basically on his own from that very young age. 270 more words


A tale of two campuses

Previously, I wrote that I was going to explain what happened when the Cambridge trainees visited us here at ARU. For those of you who have been on tenterhooks ever since (don’t be shy, I know there are loads of you), here’s the honest truth – I forgot ever writing that, and by the time I remembered Eleanor, the Cambridge trainee whose library we visited in April, had written such a concise and accurate… 1,126 more words

Graduate Trainee

Ararat to Avalon

Jade has mentioned visiting Ararat for a week or two, and I didn’t really have a clue why until a day or 3 ago. It was featured on the biggest loser Australia, and as it was on our route, we popped in to have a look. 965 more words