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Snow Closings

When there is inclement weather, the library will close early.  This is for the safety of our staff as well as our patrons.  Apprently, this does not sit well with some of our “everyday” patrons.  75 more words

Librarian Problems

Bookish Apps

The majority of people have a smart phone or tablet that has the capacity to download apps and there are many book related and reading apps that would be perfect for the avid reader. 317 more words

Weather Awareness – Be Prepared!

By Peggy Kindiger

After an extended, cool winter we’re all looking forward to the longer sunny days and warmer weather that heralds spring. Are you already preparing garden and flower beds in anticipation of the soaking rains that will turn dry seeds to future harvest of fruits, vegetables, and flowers? 722 more words


DFF: Friendly Book Hugs

So, yeah… I know. I say this every time… but I really love today’s piece!  It is another from the library world I think. I am looking at creating some more for this world… because they are just so fun. 388 more words

Short Fiction

Books I'm Reading Right Now

Hey guys! I though today can be a little chill post where I just chat about the things I’m reading at the moment and what I want to read soon. 563 more words

Helping People With Portable Storage Devices

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This dream took place during the day, some of it possibly involved me driving around a fictional LC-like city, and the rest of the dream took place at a fictional MS University-like college campus with some familiar areas from some past dreams combined with real life areas from MS University. 435 more words


Empowering Language Communities

It’s the UN Year of Indigenous Languages, I’ve posted a few times about it already. But the Mobile Language Team is out there in South Australia empowering 44 communities preserve and save their languages. How great is this?