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Day 2905 - Library Adventures

One thing I’m trying to make time for in my life is fun and following my heart. I had a random urge to find a whole stack of books by the same author. 308 more words


Day 37 - Stranger things

‘Twas a long day today, but I did make good on my promise to start reading the new book so don’t worry. The first few chapters were basically reciting the same old, don’t panic and that it won’t be very complicated and you will not need to know much math. 230 more words

Glin Tidy Towns - The Boss did some fab planting today!

Head of Operations:  John Anthony Culhane.

Artistic Director:  Sr. Mary Doody.

Floor Manager:  Eamon Sweeney.

Photographer: Marie Fitzgerald .

Director:  Oscar🐾🐾

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Millennials Are The Most Likely Generation To Visit Public Libraries, Study Finds

Listen up, millennial bashers. Not only do millennials not eat any more avocado toast than other generations, but, as it turns out, we are also the ones most responsible for keeping public libraries open. 208 more words


Glin Tidy Towns - another Saturday, another cleanup!

Fantastic turnout again this morning at Glin Town Park for the weekly cleanup. A huge thanks to all the volunteers who take an hour out of their Saturday to come and help. 113 more words

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Diocese of Limerick talk to Betty Browne at Lourdes 🙏

Betty Browne from Glin parish is coming to Lourdes for 35 years now. Is that a record? Lovely to hear her continued enthusiasm for the pilgrimage

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The Good and the Bad

It was an odd week for me. My schedule was all twisted up because I was helping out at the Opening of our newest library branch – Northside – on Thursday. 160 more words