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A Lesson In Love

The quiet town of Stanton Falls was just the place that Cathryn Lawton needed to be after her life was shaken. She’d given up on relationships so the last thing she wanted was a man–especially one as smart and attractive as Brice Randle.


Love Therapy

Growing up, life had thrown more than was fair at Donna Sherman and she’d survived. Years later she was a success by all standards, but there was one thing in life that she didn’t want or need–love. 9 more words


Just In Time For Love

Emily Fowler’s life made a major shift when she left Stanton Falls for a big university. Five years later she returned to town with a nursing degree and a three year old baby. 40 more words


Guest Resident Blogger's Book #5 of 2016!

The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter by Sharyn McCrumb

A Book Set in Your Home State

Here we have a book by a writer that by all accounts, I should love. 858 more words

Public Library

Story of a map

Maybe this is only because of the comforting grooves and patterned rituals of my own personal routine, but there is something vaguely dissatisfying about visiting a library on a weekday. 807 more words

Welcome to #LibStruggs

This site is for librarians, library students, archivists, or anyone that has ever worked or spent time in a library. No names or personal information will be posted on this site, including locations, but any of these anecdotes or common library problems will be based on my real-life experiences as a librarian.


Librarians Need to Show Up

Many libraries conduct traditional outreach like tables in front of Starbucks, storytimes at the local parks, or showing up at community meetings. These are great ways to get out of the library and into the community at large. 868 more words