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Turn off / Add water Mark in Libre office

Some cases you need to remove water mark received in MS office file or you need to add water mark in Libreoffice file.

To remove MS office water mark, You need to understand what it is. 189 more words


Installing 32 Bit Applications on a 64 Bit Ubuntu Linux Box

Okay, long story short. A small percentage of computer users run Ubuntu Linux instead of Window or Mac. An even smaller percentage run 64 bit versions. 231 more words


Personas in LibreOffice - Color your Office !

Do you know personas? Created for Firefox, perfect for LibreOffice! :)


Paste text from pdf viewer or acrobat in Libreoffice / Openoffice

If we paste text from pdf, You will have single line paragraph instead of full text paragraph.

You can use Libre-office or open-office auto correction to get full paragraph from single line paragraph. 113 more words


To install Libreoffice 4.0 Alpha on ubuntu 12.10 / 12.04

You can install libre-office 4.0 alpha from per-release ppa.

It will not cleanly install yet without removing your old version of LibreOffice first.

So Steps followed are: 289 more words


Libreoffice 4.0 is getting ready...

Libreoffice 4.0 is getting ready. Version 4.0 is scheduled for release on 10 February 2013 [ http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleasePlan ].

Feature can be found here.

Alpha releases can be downloaded from nightly builds