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I’ve been looking at laptops. Until now all my writing’s been done on desktop PCs and, if I’m out and about, in notebooks and typed up later. 408 more words


Japanese Vertical Text ... in Libre Office

While I don’t particularly have a preference for how words are written, I thought it would be nice to write Japanese vertically, for the sake of feeling authentic if nothing else. 450 more words


LibreOffice MUFFIN

Recently, TDF has published its new MUFFIN concept. This publication has provoked a mixed response, with many negative reactions.

When we deal with UI, any possible change brings controversy, and it’s always very aggressive when someone finds that a function they are used to use some way had changed its position. 1,206 more words


Grep odt file


In the GNU/Linux world, you spend a lot of time on the command line. Searching a text file is a piece of cake:
grep -iE "expression" file1… 262 more words

My first hack-(rest-of-the)-week at Collabora

I must say that I’ve been attentive reader of TDF feeds almost from the very beginning of its history, when I couldn’t think to develop for… 435 more words


LibreOffice UI test tutorial (part 2): Improve the introspection library

The last part of the UI test tutorial introduced the python part of the UI testing framework. In general most times you only need to care about the python part of the test but sometimes you actually need to extend the introspection part of the framework inside of the LibreOffice code. 731 more words