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Where is Javaldx? - my LibreOffice doesn't work!

A month ago, it was a bug in my LibreOffice on Debian Jessie, the problem is when I try to open LibreOffice it doesn’t work :( And when I tried to run it with the command line… 309 more words


How to reduce document size

Sometimes we add big images to a document, and reduce its size to fit our needs. But still, the document has a big size. Here we can see how to compress the images inside the document without losing quality but at the same time reducing the document size. 161 more words


Fedora 23 Release Party

For the first time in Albania we organized a release party where we gathered people who were interested in Fedora. Fedora 23 release party successfully took place at Saturday, the 14th of November in the “ 519 more words

Open Labs

Improving "make vs2013-ide-integration"

The make system can generate a visual studio solution with a .vcxproj file for each target (libraries as well as executables).

Having tested it, it is clear some improvement is needed. 117 more words


Meeting the developers.

I attended a “hackfest” in Hamburg, Germany. The main purpose was to have a face to face session with my “bosses” (Thorsten, Bjoern and Michael). It turned out to be 2 days full of fun, I met quite a number of old friends and got some new ones. 83 more words


Improving the Toolbars in LibreOffice

Disclaimer: This is work in progress, and it is not how it will look like in the end.

The current situation

With the Design team… 534 more words


How to add table borders

1. Select first row of table

Click and drag across the first row of table in order to select it.

2. Select all rows

Click on Edit > Select All, to select all rows in the table. 71 more words