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Dystopian Tech Present: we can learn from movies #edcmooc

Tonight was Oscar’s night. The worldwide show about movies. A day to talk about films and remember how important is the film industry for all of us. 659 more words


Finally the MOOC’s on the Horizon HE report. Late?

Next february will be published the new Horizon Report HE. About the technologies to watch in Higher Education for the next years. In this edition preview… 699 more words


Mapping a 2.0 Library Ecosystem

First step on Library 2.0 Strategy

based on I love Internet by Sara Scamarcia for Codice Internet

Each December the library defines a set of objectives for the coming year.

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Occupy Higher Ed!

  1. This week is the first ‘indignants’ anniversary and to celebrate the date #15M I’ll talk to you about those consequences on HighEd…

  • Occupy Higher Ed…

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  • #LibTechNotes

    Horizon Report > 2012 Higher Education Edition

    Every year the Horizon Report is a Guideline where to start to imagine new and creative projects for our library.

    “People expect to be able to work, learn, and study whenever and wherever they want to. 475 more words


    We can be that bridge.

    Everyone is talking about data now… yes… Wikileaks had a big impact in our life’s last year and now everybody cares about data, to understand data, to keep it safe and to keep it free, but… there is lot of different initiatives… from public to journalistic that started years ago (not a lot but before Assange did). 276 more words


    is really Khan Academy changing the rules of Education?

    So the hypotenuse is now going to be five. This animal’s fossils are only found in this area of South America – a nice clean band here – and this part of Africa.  555 more words