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美国财政部(US Department of Treasury)下属的金融犯罪监管局(Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN)于2013年3月出台一份意见3,指出任何管理人(“Administrator”)或交易人(“Exchanger”)以任何原因(1) 接受与传输可转换的虚拟货币或(2)购买或出售可转换的虚拟货币,将会被FinCEN认定为其相关法规定义下的“资金传输者”(“Money Transmitter”)4。如果被认定为“资金传输者”,则不仅需要向从事交易的相关州申请相关的“资金传输者牌照”(Money Transmitter License),而且需要向FinCEN注册,还需要受美国联邦存款保险公司(Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation “FDIC”)颁布的《银行保密法》(Bank Secrecy Act)下的相关反洗钱法规监管5,总之是非常严格监管的领域与地带。常见的资金传输者有Paypal, Western Union等。尽管这份文件只是FinCEN出具的指导意见,但对其适用其法规具有澄清或解释的作用6,应引起从事虚拟货币交易者,尤其是货币交易平台或支付处理平台的重视与注意。 485 more words


Plant Variety Protection: Intellectual Property tool for plant breeders

Outside of the Patent and Trademark Office, and inside the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), lies the Plant Variety Protection Office.  The Office provides intellectual property protections to the breeders of new varieties of sexually reproducing or tuber-propagated plants that are unique.  276 more words


What the EU and US WTO IP Disputes Reveal About Trade Diplomacy

Two contrasting approaches to using the WTO for China-related IP issues involving technology licensing and forced technology transfer are now pending at the WTO.

The United States initiated a WTO dispute on China’s licensing practices by filing a   1,101 more words

China IPR


Early this week, Hospitality Ulster, the Northern Ireland organisation responsible for promoting our hospitality sector, tweeted about #BeerDayNI – something I’d either not heard about before or had heard of in previous years but had forgotten. 513 more words

Northern Ireland

Proverbs 14:23

Do you know how to work? Have you learned to apply yourself to the task at hand, no matter how lowly or unpleasant or boring it is, and regardless of how long it will take to complete–even if there is no one to help you, or keep you company, or urge you on? 989 more words

Westminster Labour call for nightclub licence to be suspended after racial discriminatory charging allegations

Labour Councillors have called on Westminster Council to suspend the licence of Drama nightclub in Park Lane pending an investigation by the Licensing team into allegations that black women were charged £20 entrance fee, while white women were charged just £10. 367 more words

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