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Random "Anything Can Happen Thursday"!!

….I may have stolen it from The Big Bang Theory…

But who cares!


I am so excited about the new bc Barnett Raptor!!

Like beyond excited. 104 more words


Vegan Ice Cream Recipe - from Lick it!

It’s summertime, and it’s hot, so many of us long for ice cream.  Here’s a wonderful opportunity to make ice cream, without the dairy products many of us try to avoid.   305 more words

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Lick it!

I love this tee shirt!
So tru, life is too short, so go ahead…
Lick it, lick that bowl!!!!


5 Songs from the 1990s that are Subtly (or Obviously) about Doing IT

The 1990s… how I respect and fear you.  My formative years were… you know, probably like yours and if you’re still working your way through the teenage process, then I weep for you because social media must make it ten times harder.   498 more words


The Obama "Affordable Bullshit Act" is working!


A short sarcastic rant about pompous fascist-Jew religion & politique :-)

This started as a comment on Google’s brilliant new YouTube cloud-delusion which isn’t necessarily only a Google thing, it’s more of a re-routing of information away from an open platform of exchange as Joe Goebbels may have said if he was bonking Jay Carney. 811 more words