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May 13 2017

bbq when the water is cold…


Stockholm chronicles part 20: The Swedes and their country, part 1

After having been here for a few months and having gotten to know some Swedes I feel compelled to write a little bit about “them”. I´ve heard a lot of stereotypes over the years, some of which are more true than others in my opinion. 707 more words


My Blueberry Days

Sorry Germany, but sometimes Sweden simply is the place to be. For example when it comes to blueberries. These delicious small berries that would paint your lips in a soft tone of purple, no matter how carefully you eat them. 143 more words

Little rumours

My temporary hometown Lidingö is an island. Still, it is not more than 20 minutes from there to Stockholm city. These two facts give it the reputation as a somewhat… 160 more words

Swedish Government Kicks Local Family Out of Home, Gives it to Muslim Migrants | The Muslim Issue

Father of two told to make way for people “from other countries” Paul Joseph Watson – May 31, 2016 Infowars A local family in the Swedish city of Lidingö has been ordered by the g… 17 more words