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Caporalato, la "filiera sporca" dell'ortofrutta: migranti sfruttati e lavoratori derubati degli 80 euro di Renzi

Stamattina, nella sala stampa della Camera dei deputati, Terra!Onlus, l’associazione antimafia daSud e Terrelibere.org hanno presentato il secondo rapporto #FilieraSporca: “La raccolta dei rifugiati. Trasparenza di filiera e responsabilità sociale delle aziende”.  894 more words

Kangaroo steak

So Lidl sell Kangaroo steaks and on the back of the pack it suggests to cook them for a whopping 16 minutes! So I thought I better set the record straight, because I wouldn’t want anyone to try kangaroo for the first time, cook them as directed and end up eating something that tasted like a rubbery old flip flop. 200 more words


Grocery Shopping in Germany

Today I went on my usual shopping trip to a few of my local supermarkets and I thought I would take a photo of what I purchased and let you guys know how much it costed to give you a bit more detail about food prices in Germany. 260 more words


Review: Lidl Macadamia Oil Hair Care Range

Hey Dawls 💋

Lidl Ireland are just excelling on every angle of the beauty range there banging out at the moment! I’m currently saving mad and so I have a budget every week but the prices they have for these new beauty products are just amazing and too hard to resist! 322 more words


Review: Lidl's New Lipstick Range by Cien!

Hello again guys! I hope everyone had either a seriously messy weekend or the total opposite, a cosy weekend snuggled up at home! Something I end up doing quite a lot! 242 more words


Bratislava, Slovakia

We initially planned a few days in Bratislava instead of Vienna. At the last minute we changed plans and headed to Vienna and make a day trip to Bratislava. 258 more words

Beating Budget Blues

The last few months have provided an excellent opportunity to think creatively when it comes to budgeting.

As I was moving from freelance work into a new position, my cash flow began to dry up and having just moved into a new apartment – it became clear we were going to have to make things work on one salary for a few months. 742 more words