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Liebster Award!

Jessica at Semi-Sweet Tooth recently nominated me for the Liebster Award!  This award is a way to honor blogs that you think are on the right path that have 500 followers or less.  719 more words


A little thank you post

So, yesterday I received a message from To Knit or Knot about the Liebster Award which, unfortunately or fortunately -which is more appropriate?- I’ve done already. 554 more words


Woah! So I just got a nomination for a Liebster Award. Such a recognition *sniff sniff. This makes me feel like I am truly part of the whole blogging community now. 429 more words


Leibster Award!

We were nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Jet Weasley at The Book Detective! Thank for so much for the nomination, this is such a great award and things like this are a great way to discover new bloggers! 462 more words

Not Reviews

The Liebster Award, Yay!

I am so happy to be nominated for this award! I like lists and questions, so I like this award <3

Here are the rules for the award: 546 more words


Liebster Award Post

Thank you TiffanyLeeblog for the nomination! Here are the questions from TiffanyLeeblog:  

1. What is your favorite alcoholic drink? (if you drink) Uhmmm I love wine! 467 more words


Liebster Award

There’s some fun social idea going on, aiming at finding new interesting blogs and also get new visitors. So, thanks to therattiemama for nominating me! 614 more words

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