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The Liebster Award!

WOW! I am so honored and thrilled that the lovely Melissa Manning nominated me for a Liebster Award! Am I lucky or what? Melissa is such a sweet gal blogging about college, music, and all things life, and I learned so much about her in… 824 more words

The Liebster Award !!

You know your work is going on good when you get nominated for Liebster Award !! Yaayy <3 My sweet fellow blogger friend Msmeehnia nominated me and I  feel so  content right now . 771 more words

Liebster Award Nomination!

Each night when I go to bed, I list the things for which I am grateful as I fall asleep. Tonight, I know one of the first items on my list will be the fact that my blogging friend poison21, over at… 1,588 more words

Liebster Award

Until this morning, I had no idea what a Liebster Award was or that such a thing even existed. As I’ve come to find out, it’s something that bloggers can nominate each other for, and it offers a chance for those nominated a fun opportunity to share more about themselves. 2,557 more words

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Liebster Award- EN only

Hello, my beauties! It was such a beautiful surprise being nominated for the Liebster Award so I would like to thank Kristynofisworld for nominating me. I wasn’t expecting this and such a little thing made me so happy! 565 more words


Liebster Award

Hey guys,

A little extra treat this week with an extra post because I have been nominated to complete the Liebster Award. Thank you to… 1,055 more words


Exposition: Doing it Right.

Don’t Breathe is a film which doesn’t have a lot of dialogue. However, the characters are extremely interesting and without saying much the film tells you a lot about them. 1,740 more words