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Liebster awards

I have been nominated for Liebster awards by lovely sister Larissa of shukrallahblog. Sister Larissa is a voracious reader. As a result of which she includes thought provoking quotes from different writers in her article. 1,011 more words


The Liebster Award 2016

Wow, thank you so much to gabriellesnow for nominating me for a Liebster Award 2016. I started blogging without even thinking about it, and suddenly it is becoming more and more important in my life. 1,221 more words


Award Season!

I love Sally Field. I want to be Sally Field. I kind of am Sally Field. I was once a rebellious Norma Rae and I’m starting to feel like M’Lynn and I ALREADY KNOW I’ll kick it like (My Name is) Doris one day. 680 more words


The Liebster Award- II

Whats up, people?!

Hope you all are doing great! And if you aren’t, hope things will get better. Just keep moving. :)

Now, I am here to tell you about another nomination that I’ve got. 470 more words


Nominated for the Liebster Award

Thanks to Pink-Chan on Pinky’s Palace for nominating me.

What is a Liebster Award?
Well, it’s an award that typically recognizes up and coming bloggers, by helping others discover new blogs and facilitate community building. 678 more words


The liebster award

I was recently nominated by Eloise Mae to do the Liebster award.

If you are nominated, these are the rules that you must follow:
1.) Post 11 facts about yourself. 521 more words