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The Liebster Award!

So. I actually got nominated for an award. That award is the Liebster award and the person who nominated me is Luna so thank you muchly :) 724 more words


Liebster Award Nomination

Mina san, konnichiwa!

Well it’s the first time I’ve been nominated for a blog award! Thanks a lot to Kausus from Otaku Gamer Zone for the nomination, I’m really grateful! 886 more words


Liebster Award

A big thank you to Khullat of Her Crescent Veil for nominating me for the Liebster Award. She’s not only a wonderful writer but an even better human being.

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Award Circle

So the lovely and talented Nirvanama, who I nominated for a Liebster award, has nominated me back.

Whilst I don’t think I can accept a second by the rules, I do plan on answering the questions set and recommending a few more blogs! 616 more words


"God damn I'm late" The Liebster Award

Yo, Hi. mmmmm Konichiwa!

Shout out to Lynlynsays for nominating me for this award, I appreciate it, even though its been a month I finally got around to it (busy life busy life). 1,034 more words

Liebster Award Nomination + I'm Back!

My friends!

Hello hello! I can’t apologize enough for how MIA I’ve been lately. I’d offer up an excuse, but that’s unnecessary. Basically, I blinked once and it was magically September. 640 more words


The Liebster Award #2


Another day, another Liebster Award, this time from the lovely Daisy at https://daisydesigns90.wordpress.com/ Thank you very much for nominating me!

Definitely check out her Star Wars Storm -trooper blanket … it’s pretty cool! 779 more words

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