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 Behaviors may include trying to affect a person’s online participation

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How to love/respect husband if you can't trust him! (podcast)

Bible-based answers to listener questions, including…How can I respect and love my husband when I can’t trust him?….plus, How can I deal with an extremely sensitive husband?…plus, Can you give a Christian wife ideas on how to spice up things in the bedroom? 50 more words


Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel

My father used to listen to them.. I’m doing now the same, to feel what he felt.


LOL! So that's

what it was >>about!!!  Why don’t you go ask
Th3Harold what I said to him.
Good job VW….zack1324  November 16, 2016… 11 more words

Deaf Cyberbullies

On The Run

​You’re on the run.

From all those that ruin your “fun.”

From those who try to help.

And prevent you from the mistakes that you feared. 50 more words


Theresa May lied and lied again to become PM | Nick Cohen

She told untruths to win the job and now she is doing the same to make us believe that she is acting in our interest Theresa May appeals to a stereotype that has a deep grip on the English psyche. 20 more words