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Ask E. Jean: Should I Stay With My Crazy Boyfriend?


DEAR E. JEAN: I’ve been engaged for two years and can’t figure out whether I should marry this guy. When we moved in together six months ago, he called the police when he feared my cat—who is fully declawed—was going to attack him. 157 more words

The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (318)

That fact true and tried-

After video play, shows that someone may have lied.



My Granddaughter Was Lying To Me The Truth Came Out.

I found out yesterday that my granddaughter lied to me about the whole situation. I feel so sick to my stomach. I got used and played and I am responsible for the part I played in this drama. 23 more words

Annoying itch...

On entering my bedroom it was only obvious he had left because half the wardrobe was empty, half the drawers were wide open bare and his several year old toothbrush had disappeared from the bathroom; the vile stink of him still lingered though! 371 more words

Ex Boyfriend

Darwin and his Darwinists Misled the World for 155 years about who read Patrick Matthew's book

it is universally accepted by top Darwinists that Patrick Matthew in 1831 was first to publish the full hypothesis of natural selection 27 years before Darwin and Wallace replicated it. 193 more words