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„Der Englische Gardn is a Paradis“

Der Monopteros krönt sowohl den einzigen Hügel des Englischen Gartens als auch seine Baugeschichte. Die Nachfolger Karl Theodors auf dem bayerischen Thron, Max Joseph, der erste König Bayerns und sein Sohn Ludwig I. 1,563 more words

red to blue 

I’m guessing blue is still your favorite color

I lied when I said mine was red

it is still blue and it will always be you


Ad Libitum Voices - “Dragu-mi-i mândro de tine”

“Dragu-mi-i mândro de tine” este un cunoscut lied românesc de Tiberiu Brediceanu, compozitor  și pasionat folclorist  român ce a a cules peste 2.000 de melodii populare, în special bănățene și maramureșene, în inegalabila interpretare a grupului vocal clujean ce adoptă stilul pop-opera, Ad Libitum Voices. 238 more words


Forever Is A Lie


I hear it often

I see it less

It’s all a lie


Shaa-inspired lines

Who is here to stay with me?
To swallow my thoughts for real and free.
Who is here to reach for my dreams?
To weave the dull night sky with stars to see. 76 more words

Because Abram Lied to Pharaoh

This week on “Things Katie Learned from the Bible”: The whole child-by-proxy/Ishmael thing was only possible because Abram had lied to Pharaoh.

Background. Abram (later renamed Abraham) was married to his half-sister Sarai (later, Sarah) . 1,736 more words


They Deceived Him

They Deceived Him

We are sinners  from birth.     But,  that is no excuse  for wallowing  in our sins  and sinisterly enjoying them,  as we love to tear others down.     519 more words