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i lied. i didn’t update you through the trip. data in canada costs 2.08/per MB and as much as i love to write, i do not have the money. 118 more words

Lying: It Comes Back

You lie to others,
and then they lie back to you.
And you can be really really angry and hurt they did
but you shouldn’t be. 37 more words


Proof Darwin was a Serial Liar

I have published two peer reviewed articles 100 per cent proving that from 1860 onwards Charles Darwin slyly lied about the prior-readership of the original discovery of natural selection published in Patrick Matthew’s (1831) book. 45 more words

Von Ketten geschlagen. Für A. K.

Von Ketten geschlagen. Für A. K.

Von Ketten geschlagen

Blutete nicht nur die Haut

Sondern auch ihr armes kleines Herz

Wie oft hatte ihre zarte Stimme versucht zu klagen… 113 more words


So much for an early spring!

The groundhog that predicted an early spring when he did not see his shadow in February must have lied.  It is freezing out today; minus 6 degrees Celcius (21F) here in Ottawa   I bet that darned groundhog is hiding somewhere warm! 43 more words


'Political Detractors Lied Against Gov Oshiomhole' - Reporters

Earlier today, this embarrassing picture which shows how students suffer to go to school was circulated online by political detractors. 56 more words


My Top 5 List of Favorite Musical Works to Teach

1. Schubert’s “Erlking”

Nothing compares with bringing out the different voices and character roles in Schubert’s setting of “Erlking,” and also finding instances of word painting (“wiegen und tanzen,” “Gewalt”). 1,302 more words

Ludwig Van Beethoven