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Judge Comments that Family Litigants are "Blowing Their Brains Out Fighting"

In yet another British Columbia Supreme Court case, a wise judge points out the folly of the battle between litigating spouses and the accompanying expense, both financially and emotionally. 518 more words

Family Law

A Short Guide to Title Insurance

The web which makes up a typical real estate transaction is a triangle. It is comprised of the real estate agent, the lender, and the title company. 652 more words

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Zero Interest

A banker joined a singles club
(Or so goes his account)
To date, but only got the snub,
And in no small amount.

He tried, much to his credit, 111 more words


[Hoang Liên] Kỷ Vật Cho Em

Một Giấc Mộng Extra Chapter

“Em hỏi anh, em hỏi anh bao giờ trở lại

Xin trả lời, xin trả lời mai mốt anh về.” 1,796 more words


[Hoang Liên] Một Giấc Mộng

BGM: https://goo.gl/apnUZG


“Chúng ta đều vì cô đơn mà nhận lời bên nhau

Chúng ta đều vì bị giày vò mà chán ghét cuộc sống… 4,896 more words


What Is An IRS Levy?

Do You Know What An IRS Levy Is?

If you are selling a home and have had past IRS tax issues that may be unresolved, you should know what a levy is. 389 more words