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An Unenviable Position

In the current issue of Fifth Estate (Fall/Winter 2014), John Zerzan writes:

“There is an understandable, if misplaced, desire that civilization will cooperate with us and deconstruct itself.

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Liberal vs Radical

A short lecture by Lierre Keith on the main differences between being a liberal and a radical.

Deep Green Resistance – Liberal vs Radical Part 1… 14 more words


On Lierre Keith and "The Vegetarian Myth"

Someone on facebook shared a youtube video that was an interview with Lierre Keith who wrote The Vegetarian Myth, saying “I implore each and every one of you to take the time to watch this invaluably important video. 296 more words

A Response to Leo Babauta of Zen Habits

Before I continue this post I want to say that I really enjoy Leo Babauta’s blog, Zen Habits. I find it interesting and often times informative. 1,722 more words


The Real Cost of Living and Dying

I make soap. Not just because it seems like something a not-actually-disaffected Fight Club loving Gen-Xer would do, but because I like throwback DIY stuff. There’s a reason that this is my favorite Portlandia sketch ever. 879 more words