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A Measure of Agreement

Opportunities to acquire understanding and wisdom mount up as the years tick by. Which ones to seize, and which to ignore? Not many are brave enough to go public with what they have learned. 501 more words

An Unenviable Position

In the current issue of Fifth Estate (Fall/Winter 2014), John Zerzan writes:

“There is an understandable, if misplaced, desire that civilization will cooperate with us and deconstruct itself.

725 more words

Liberal vs Radical

A short lecture by Lierre Keith on the main differences between being a liberal and a radical.

Deep Green Resistance – Liberal vs Radical Part 1… 14 more words


Liver is the New Kale!

I had the good fortune to grow up in Britain during the 90s, when well-meaning and under-nourished Vegans ruled food culture with unshakable self-righteousness. Chew your kale 100 times! 117 more words

On Lierre Keith and "The Vegetarian Myth"

Someone on facebook shared a youtube video that was an interview with Lierre Keith who wrote The Vegetarian Myth, saying “I implore each and every one of you to take the time to watch this invaluably important video. 296 more words