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By Charles Robert Lindholm

Truth Under Attack    15 more words


Obama, ya hardly knew ya

This week marks one year since Donald John Trump was elected president. The world’s still here, and yesterday POTUS was deemed of sound mind and body, but plenty of folks still seem upset about it. 727 more words

Social Commentary

Where were the Christians?

Yet again a large corporation has proven itself to be “too big to manage”.

In 2008, the banks were “too big to fail” and the Scottish Christian Party warned about corporations which were “too big to manage”.  466 more words


Coming In At An Unbelievable 239 Pounds...

I’m not a small person.

I mean physically. I am occasionally “small” in that I act like a child.

But my stature is anything but small. 920 more words

Big Little Lies

Lies generally serve a purpose.

To save someone from harm. To make one look better to their peers. To get out of a jam.

When we were children, we were always told to NEVER tell a lie. 536 more words


In Sickness and in health

For better or worse

For richer, for poorer

In good times and bad

Until death, do us part…

The lies we speak… 297 more words


Trump's Physical Creates More Questions than Answers

After Trump’s first physical since his inauguration last Friday, only two facts survived. First, Trump is extremely overweight; at 239 pounds, only one pound more and he would be legally obese. 234 more words