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Inconsistencies, Ramblings, Whatever . . .

I have noticed that the animal lovers in the family periodically say they don’t like to eat meat and lament about becoming a vegetarian. However these same people when buying dog or cat food always make sure that “real meat” is in the bag. 156 more words


So, yesterday, I had my 6-week postpartum appointment.

First off, whoa, that means that Liam was born six weeks ago, which I really can’t imagine, and that means that I have six weeks to get my shit together (mostly emotionally) before I go back to work. 662 more words

How do you get founding to make film in Sweden?

Filminstitutet is the Swedish states way of financing film created in Sweden by the residents of Sweden. You can write manuscripts and then you can apply for founding for your film by Filminstitutet in Sweden. 95 more words


No Time For Depression

Because life just can’t seem to stop fisting me enough lately, it thought it would take another stab yesterday.

As I sat in the rink, early in the morning, feeling shitty because I was the only mom that didn’t sparkle at 6am, my phone rang. 478 more words


Journey, Underrated

When you came to this world you knew nothing and had nothing, as time passed you grew up, you learned new things and since then you have come a long way now. 259 more words



I hope that there comes a day when we no longer have to put on our masks, but  can finally be ourselves and walk hand-in-hand against the world. 171 more words


50+ shades of grey

Kind of a grey start here in hazard county today. Sorry and old reference to our Howard County. Much has changed. For instance there are a lot fewer of these barns around. 233 more words