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Do you complain?

On a normal day, how many times do you complain? About weather, living expenses, traffic, other people, work, or about something else?

I used to complain a lot. 412 more words

Random Thoughts

Roses - #WickedWednesday

You mention roses to most girls and what does it normal make them think of? Valentine’s Day? A loving partner? A guilty partner? A box of chocolates? 418 more words


i see the whole world as a story.

thank you in advance

to all those who

i may cross paths with.

you could find yourself

smack in the middle

of my blog

one day… 40 more words


All Prayed Up ... An Hunkered Down

It has been a regular barn burner of a week here in the Heart-Land, lot of rain, wind and other tremendous examples of the power of nature.   309 more words


A Daily Dose of Creepy

I meet creepy men everyday. At the bus stop. In the work place. On the highway. Creepy men with no atom of self-control, who see beautiful women and act like dogs. 418 more words


5 types of people to avoid

I’m not a people person at all. I’d rather watch a sitcom and eat pizza at home than dress up to go for a party. Making conversation with a bunch of people is not my forte – it’s way too much effort. 736 more words


Fire, Water and Time


BBQ your emotional baggage,

Bonfire your vanities,

Fire up your ambitions,

Light your path and heat your World.

Water down your tension,

Set the sprinkler on your fears, 46 more words