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Pros vs Cons

Working as the only girl in my 30 person group, I’m noticing this odd experience comes with its own pros and cons

Pro: There’s never anyone in the bathroom whenever you want a second of silence. 173 more words


Life motto

My new life motto in an attempt to stay positive and not harbour negative emotions is:

Not as easy as it seems. The blog helps cause it’s an outlet for the bad emotions but sometimes it’s hard to remember in the moment. 6 more words



The house is quiet. Momentarily, at least. Hubs is upstairs putting our four-year-old to bed. The dishwasher stopped clanking, the air conditioner clicked off. Silence. Golden. 112 more words


Honesty & Respect

There are a lot of qualities I appreciate in people.  Even more that I simply accept.

When it comes to what I require from people, however, there are really only two things on that list. 473 more words


When everything you love turns into a chore.

I’m not going to lie, the last month has been hard, challenging and it has certainly tested me as a person. I am still here just…though I am a little spiritually, emotionally and physically tired. 544 more words


Team Sugar, Mortality and Everything In Between

About a month ago I was diagnosed with diabetes, which kinda sucks. Through the idiotic method of internet diagnosis I had a pretty good idea this was why my toes had gone numb, not to mention the reason I’d shed 10 stone in weight over the last few years. 2,670 more words

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