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His Dreams

I’m starting to learn how important his dreams are to me.

Relationships that are serious are nothing easy to establish. When your in the foundation years and trying to build, it’s best to get all the kinks out now. 594 more words


The Eyes of Home

His smile speaks of contentment

I pray his times of discontent are brief,

though they are certain.

His hand on the windowsill

lingers between

exploring and safety… 83 more words


The Truth About the Truth

Do you ever really want to express something to someone but you just can’t quite get it out? The former me was the queen of this. 519 more words


How Regal Our Princes

How regal our princes

How handsome, how bold

How bright eyed and dignified

Even when sold

How regal our princes

How strong in their ways… 132 more words



Why is society so hell bent on labeling people?

Why does someone have to be considered “This” or “That?”

Why can’t they just be them? 142 more words


Keeping Schtum

By rights, at this moment in time, I should be writing some nauseatingly cheerful bit of prose to promote my new show but fuck it! The reason I make art is because I need to do it and I did it when no one wanted to know and I’ll be doing it regardless. 1,422 more words


A Hurricane Named "LIFE"

Have You Ever been Frustrated? Vulnerable? Feel A Little Helpless? Lonely? Sad? Depressed? Life Ever Get You To a Point where you just like “What’s The Point?” Your Pay Checks not covering the bills. 264 more words