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Feelings and Moments...

I love the beautiful people who live in my home.  I adore visitors at the Cottage, most especially young people!  These ARE the wonderful things in life.   348 more words



If you were never the “apple” of your father’s eye you probably grew up with the belief that you were “not enough’. ” We always create our reality according to our beliefs. 24 more words

Too Hot To Flight?

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Summer began yesterday for folks in the Northern Hemisphere.  That includes me, yours truly.  And right on queue was the record heat. 161 more words

Daily Writing

Miserable Tides: Forgive My Absence Please

You ever have one of those days? You know…the kind that flips your world upside down and promises to be a living nightmare from which you cannot wake? 881 more words


Sierra Leone Has The Lowest Life Expectancy Of Any Country

50.1 years on average… Wow. That’s incredibly sad and depressing. But on the other side of the world, America has a life expectancy of about 79. 18 more words


Laguna Tattoo & A Day Out with the Sister

When I was younger, I always loved the idea of having a tattoo, but in some ways I never thought I’d get one. I eventually did – pretty much the second I finished college and could afford one. 242 more words


Bird in a Peach Tree

Bird in a Peach Tree

Tuesday night Beth and I were watering our trees and plants when she noticed a small bird near the bottom of the back fence. 266 more words