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Always a Homecoming

I realized this evening that it has been almost exactly a month since I have done any writing on here and feel as though my adoring fans (hi mom) deserve a blog post and an update. 434 more words


~My Son~

My Son life is gift and You are a gift to life~

My Son take care of yourself love yourself respect yourself and others will respect you~ 578 more words

Human Behavior

Two Boys.

The other day I drove my mother to the bank. I had to wait in the car because there wasn’t any parking available. I was minding my own business, singing along to the Ed Sheeran song playing on the radio when something caught my eye. 288 more words



My system’s been hacked

This virus is annoying

I wish I felt well


Same Time Next Year? 

I am extremely forgetful, mostly due to my disablities I think (either that or I simply have a brain like a sive) and things like a blog unfortunely get placed on the back burners. 225 more words


Coffee Lids

I don’t know why but every time I order a coffee and put on a lid, the coffee would explode everywhere.

It doesn’t matter where it is. 7 more words


It gets better

TW: suicide, self-harm, eating disorder

“It’s going to be okay” she says holding me. She looks into my eyes, “It will get better”, but I struggle to look her in the eye. 807 more words