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3 am Question

How do I focus on my career when my job keeps getting in the way? The question most starving artists ask themselves.


3 Reasons the Bible is Not Outdated

We think that things are so different now than they were in the “Bible days” that there’s no way God could have meant what He said then for now. 364 more words


Bedroom Sanctuary

I created a sanctuary in our bedroom to encourage me to hang out in the room and keep it tidy. If I respect a space, then I won’t want to trash it with yesterday’s clothes. 344 more words


The realisation is terrifying.

So today would have been my dad’s 55th birthday. 19 years ago he gave up the fight he had been battling with cancer.

Today, I realised that in 10 years time, I will be at the age where my dad lost his life, 36 years young. 124 more words


How do you fall in love with yourself?

I want to live instead of feeling dead all the time.

I want to know how it feels to really be happy and content with myself. 17 more words


Animal Adoption: I Fell In Love With A Cat, But It's Not That Simple

I am not a cat person. Let me be clear on that. I am not a cat person. I love all animals and cats are included in that umbrella, but that doesn’t mean I want a cat in my home, as a part of our family. 1,599 more words


Remembering life.. To my friend 

Wow. Life can seriously be lost in the blink of an eye. Can you believe that? It’s hard to really truly understand until it happens to someone you know or maybe just when you hear about it on the news. 476 more words