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God is in everything even a kiss

That was a line in the movie The Count of Monte Cristo (2002). It is hard to find movies that have the courage to even mention God. 184 more words


Observations & Admiration On Memorial Day

I didn’t notice until I got older. All the blanks I could now fill in. About a quiet hero, my grandaddy.

Grandaddy didn’t give opinions unless he was asked. 137 more words


Quora Question: How can I make my boyfriend more classy and modern?

Her: My boyfriend of 6 mth. comes from a lower middle-class family, but for the past 2 years has been earning a huge package at a big firm. 356 more words


Good Morning Stranger

I get up and go about my usual morning routine. Only, I stop for an extra moment to ponder what I see in the mirror. Who is this looking back at me? 674 more words


När du cyklar så kanske du på din höjd förväntar dig lite träningsvärk i benen. Men jag har ingen som helst träningsvärk i benen, däremot i armarna. 41 more words


Quora Question: What makes a person adorable?

It doesn’t happen often, but when I do stumble upon such a gem, I’m always taken by them.

One such person was a colleague of mine that I worked with for a few years. 194 more words


The Luxury of Hurt Feelings

crystal ball toting gypsies
cry cataclysm and none heed
as cassandra nods in ardent
sympathy and odd redemption.

call it age or wisdom
chalk it up to experience, 73 more words