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10 Lonely Lunches

It’s so bloody typical that the only times I find myself blogging are the times where I’m lonely and want to at least look like I have an incredibly hectic social life (even if it does just look like a have a grand relationship with my phone). 331 more words


Checkmate, parlous state

Playing games, no rebate

Trying moves, pulling strokes

Checkmate, making jokes
Cruel puns, not shared laughter

Scoring points couldn’t be dafter

Checkmate trust revoked, poor trait… 32 more words


I Hate Morning People

I’m curled up on the bleachers by myself with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a chip on my shoulder. It’s too early to be alive. 609 more words


Midweek Seizure

The Hubby had a grand mal seizure Wednesday morning. He was going to the bathroom after a late night of movies and just talking when it struck. 392 more words



A sudden shard of illumination

Like a slender, silver thread of luminescence

Dropped itself from heaven

Flinging its pearlescent drops

Athwart the lanes; strewing themselves… 76 more words


Losing the spark

Children play to emulate adults. As adults we play to escape reality. Many of us would jump at the chance to be back in the old family home, playfighting care free wars with friends, role playing apocalyptic scenarios of space ships and fire breathing dragons. 292 more words