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The Friendship Project: Turning 20, Violin Concerts and Feeling Thankful

So as you can probably tell from the title, a lot’s happened since my last update in the Friendship Project! So much that I decided despite the fact I have an entire pile of academic and employment related work to get started on, I need to sit down and get every thought out of my head – or I’m just going to be distracted. 1,354 more words


Writing Challenge (Day 21) Zodiac Sign- Does Mines Describes Me 

You guess it right- Aries. Am I proud about it? Let’s find out:

My zodiac sign is something that I have followed for years and still do. 441 more words


You need to cry sometimes.

“Sometimes you cry not because you are weak, its because you have been strong for too long”. Crying has a wonderful way of making someone less tensed, it has a way of letting out the steam and the burden you have been carrying for long. 438 more words


Outfits That Will Get You Through Thanksgiving In Style

Every year we go through the same struggle during the holidays; What do I wear?! It is the most frustrating thing when you open your closet and just stare and think of all the possibilities. 231 more words


20 things about me

I don’t normally do these but I haven’t done it in so long it might be a good way for new followers to get to know me. 387 more words



“Leveling”…..we all do it.  Leveling is what people do to make themselves feel better. We either try to level people UP to where we are or we try to level them “DOWN” to where we are if we are feeling negative and unhappy. 1,251 more words

Holly's got the "Mean Reds"

She should have known that the feeling of being at peace, wouldn’t last. She spoke to soon. It seems that when she clears an issue in her life another one sprouts. 367 more words