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20 of My Biggest Turn Offs

Hey people,

The purpose of this post is to reveal 20 of my biggest turn offs. Please read and comment with opinions and your personal turn offs! 446 more words


The Place Where Time Stands Still

Do you ever think about where you’ll go if the world ends? 742 more words


Wednesday morning fun

This morning my son asked if he could watch the water run through our Brita filter in the water jug. Maybe tomorrow I’ll paint something and he can watch it dry.


Good Hair Don't Care

So I thought I would sneak out at lunch yesterday for a haircut and not make a big fuss about it as usual. Then out came the straightening iron and a quick lesson on how to put waves into my new cut. 131 more words


Local Champion

This year has been one of the most uncertain of years. Many of my friends will understand.I mean, after going to school your whole life, 2016 comes and says… 757 more words


Small Stones 8/23/16

All it took was one lie, repeated over and over, to cast a dark shadow over an otherwise bright day. 113 more words



“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”- Abraham Lincoln.

In the ever present stay calm and carry on posters they forget two words, and on. 277 more words