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Share Your World - February 20 2017

It’s time again for Cee’s Share Your World It’s a great way to join with other bloggers to share our worlds. Cee asks a set of four questions with two bonus questions which are optional.   460 more words



Maybe we aren’t so far apart. I believe there is a spectrum of feelings about immigration and refugees…and we all fall somewhere on it. But the more time I spend talking to people and reading, I think that it’s not that we are so far apart about things but that we are missing each other’s point and have stopped listening. 1,371 more words


Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

18.02.17 – 21.02.17 | Loyalties S (suicide)

I want you to picture what its like to feel all your sensations reunite in one plea, I want you to understand that when you’re talking with emotion to be gentle with its mouth, that when you all speak at the same time you can cause its premature conflict, dear survivor, don’t do it, your mind is feeling to much, yes, the mind can feel, don’t underestimate your confusion for its pain, dear wolf, help survivor understand what you’re hiding, know that your narrative has the ability to shed blood even when it doesn’t mean to, dear survivor, heal, surround yourself with love n give affirmation to the body even when it disagrees with your validation, you’re the only affirmation this body has told you it needs, you’re loved n don’t you ever try n run away from its release, dear problem, fix yourself, your feelings matter n you don’t have to do this, I know its hard when you don’t always understand, trust me I know the way this works I’ve been in a battle with this body for the lowest time now, dear survivor, don’t do it, you’re loved, n even though you don’t see it now you’re loved, don’t do it, dear wolf problem, it’s over, you let your narrative find its release in their bare hands, you’ll never know that feeling of torn flesh, the smell of fresh blood, broken smiles, what did you want from survivor, dear survivor, you’re loved.

Appreciation for the new day

Yeah, go ahead and let him try to slide in here with those Alternative Facts. He will be out of here so quick the cleats on my foot will only have time to graze his ass.  195 more words

Photography By Mike Hartley

Anger and Fear

I am an angry person.  I was not always this way….maybe a small part but nothing like I am now.  I was always told I was patient and easy going.   549 more words


Birthday Balloon

Yep, that’s a picture of the kind of balloon that has been in my uterus the last 10 days.

My birthday was yesterday. I’m 26. Sometimes I think, “wow, has it been 26 years already?” And other times I think, “Only 26 years, huh?” 521 more words


Problems With Patterns Episode #62

We all know that feeling. Reading a pattern and it’s going along fine until you hit a snag. Suddenly, it’s like the instructions are written in a different language, one you don’t understand. 239 more words