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Cannes, Part Deux

There are a few thing that I unconditionally love: cupcakes, Ed Sheeran, Kate Spade, puppies (or any small, fat animal) and couture fashion..oh, and Bobby. That is why I am more than loving the Cannes Film Festival. 232 more words


Fundamental Notions E1

I’ve always seen myself as “different”, not the 1980’s wearing different clothes, having no friends and being a cute quiet bookworm kind of different, but I’ve always felt that I didn’t quite fit in, like my opinions were always different to those around me, for example; I could be stood next to a friend looking at something beautiful, not a woman (I know what your all thinking, typical dirty minded teenage boy), your wrong in this instance,  I mean something really beautiful, something that only exists in one place in the world like the Grand Canyon, something that gives you a feeling that you’ve never had before when you look at it for the first time, my friend would be thinking… 326 more words



laying in my swing by the pond enjoying the sound of the water running down and over the rocks…

beautiful out… looks like it made it to 27 and it is still 20 right now… gonna put out those plants tomorrow:-)… 169 more words

Big Girl Pants


For the Infantryman, every patrol is the Super Bowl.

A lot of skill and some luck and you may win, and stay alive to fight another day…jus sayin

Author GM Roberts

Vacation morning 2

Good morrow my lovelies!

So I woke up bitchy this morning. And I was grumpy up until we ordered breakfast. Then the guy was like “will that be for here or to go ladies?” 22 more words


Lesson #305: Say it.


One of the toughest things you’ll ever have to do is be open and vulnerable when you’re already hurt.

It’s even tougher when you have to tell the person who caused the hurt that— well—it’s kind of it’s their fault. 125 more words


Blackhawk Down

A few months ago I realized Col Danny McKnight (Blackhawk Down) is the same Captain McKnight that was my company commander in Ft Benning. I was not surprised. 30 more words