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embracing the value of struggle in growth

Wow! So yesterday’s post on Trump and Clinton prompted an unprecedented volume of response. Readers seem to be genuinely motivated to think seriously about how we can engage the challenge to be more positive in the throes of such an uncivil election (see, …

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The Life That Truly Is Life

Into the Waters.

​I stood on the edge. It was my turn next. I tried not to look down. I was afraid of moving altogether. I had the fear of slipping or falling off. 415 more words



I’d love to take credit for these quotes on friendship but I can only share the word of others who’ve said what I feel.  What I’ll add is that I’m thankful for my friends who’ve been a constant source of support, love, hilarity, therapy and blessings.


Is it LOVE or just POSSESSIVE?

The things is, all of this love affairs getting difficult when it comes to “serious”. Once we make love, and it change everything. Somehow I think he’s too possessive at this moment. 265 more words


Review: Disappearing Deadlines.



When journalists Gemma Masterton and David Levy start investigating their colleague’s untimely death, they uncover a world of sex, violence and murder.

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Quora: What is a controversial topic that isn't openly discussed amongst those of Indian & Pakistani heritage?

Answer: Relationships.

What is it like to not get married and live alone?

It’s certainly not a path I’ve chosen lightly.

Why I’m unmarried and alone: conflict of authenticity. 826 more words