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Fact or Fiction...

As I lay in bed, I can see the tree’s shadow dancing on my walls.

It’s a cold and windy night, a storm is approaching. 89 more words


Found a Direction

I am going left.

I say that, not because I am left-handed or am biased particularly towards one side more than the other though I will admit I take pride in the marks on my hand after a long day of writing, but I chose “left” because I have simply found a direction to go and it sounded better than right. 439 more words


My Unexpected Time Away: Editor's Note

Hi loves! As promised, I’m back! As I’ve stated previously, I had to take an unexpected hiatus. I’ve been embarrassed about my “moments” in the past and have struggled to write about them. 516 more words


The decision.

So after about 4 years of staying with my mom in law, I now dare to declare that the advantages sort of overpower the disadvantages… (Mom, please ignore, you know am kidding!) 711 more words


ALWAYS Remember to Shine!

I remember the first event I went to where I knew there would be other health and wellness professionals present and I was terrified!

I’ve worked in the field for over a decade, but as I have not mastered the art of “perfection” (and probably never will). 911 more words

Ashlie Sykora

The Break Up

What happens when two people, who have been together for nearly 10y, break up? Can you imagine?

It has now been a month. This break up happened in a way just when it was supposed to, and also at the very worst time ever. 402 more words



Internal distress
Pondering moral issues
While purging system