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You Probably Forgot

Maybe I’m a robot

Or maybe I’m not

Either way, you probably forgot.


A Different Kind of Christmas

My son nickel and dimes me to death. Video games, in-app purchases, toys, soda, chips…. It seems like every day there’s a new thing that he needs me to buy for him. 695 more words

Sweep quickly

Anything being done outside is being done quickly the last few days. Tis the time of year. This has been a day of contrast for me. 340 more words

Photography By Mike Hartley

A Hero's Journey

Between the new motherhood gig and Brian’s school schedule (it’s finals week), my life has been a little nutty.  Most of my time has been spent with a sleeping baby on my chest while I watch crap TV or read on my kindle so that Brian can do as much homework as possible. 750 more words


comparison of carnivors

unlike human beings
who circle and kill
largely from motivations of 

sharks, while
exhibiting very similar 
hunting techniques
are lacking completely
the hormone
which allows for it

they do also
actually eat what they kill
rather than leaving it 
as an example to other sharks

there is one other
similarity between the species
in the way
they both react
to the sight and smell
of a little blood

in the hominid
there is a primary solution
coming before blood
guaranteed to create
a smaller 
but otherwise
identical reaction


hence the adage
"never let 'em see you sweat"

this makes life 
problematic for poets
whose job it is
to sweat 
in public


"Rambo" (our kitten") almost didn't make it.

I didn’t post this morning and you will certainly understand why when I tell you what’s been going on.

As you know, we rescued a feral kitty about four months ago. 447 more words