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The Future of Humans

By Nicholas Pediaditakis, MD

Are we humans going to make it?  We could and we may. We have all the qualities for it.  But, we should not take that for granted, even though, we have intellect, flexibility, the ability to think rationally, as well as given the proper circumstances, to cooperate towards common goals. 410 more words

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Good Morning, Love

What do you do when life throws you curves and you forget to duck? When things don’t seem…fair. We’ve all been there. We’ve had those days that are plain ole’ poopy and things just aren’t swinging your way. 786 more words

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This Is How You Ruin Your Life At Any Age

1. You ruin your life getting caught up in drama.

When people gossip or start problems with others, the reality is they’re missing a vital component in their life. 848 more words

So, This is Adulthood?

If this is what being being an adult is going to feel like for the rest of my life, I would like to opt out, please. 371 more words


Right, first post. Everyone meet my younger brother; Taylor. He reluctantly agreed to be my first victim. Here is his summary: Taylor grew up on the outskirts of West London, went to good Catholic schools, has nice friends, has travelled a tiny bit; the usual. 77 more words

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leadership dot #1693: windows of awareness

In class last week, I taught my students the concept of the JoHari Window of Knowledgeablity, a model that helps frame personal awareness in… 384 more words

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Effective Bible Studying

*Disclaimer: I am no professional, and do not claim to be. Only a girl who is stumbling and tripping her way through life and faith and trying the best that I can. 169 more words