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Your mid-twenties are life's version of the DMV

Paul and I have recently developed a little bit of an addiction to The Blacklist. We love crime shows, and we especially love crime shows that let us play detective a little bit. 507 more words


Reasons to Love the World

Planet Earth, one of the many miracles of space. A speck in the solar system, the solar system is a speck in the galaxy, the galaxy is a speck in the universe, and us? 608 more words

Life Advice

That Word "Happiness."

You go shopping and walk past shirts, jewelry, posters and many other miscellaneous commodities with that word “happiness” printed across them. But you never really acknowledge the importance of it. 311 more words

Life Advice

Being the Single Friend

I have not had a day to myself in two weeks. This means I have had to put up with people for two weeks. Even worse is the fact that I’ve had to put up with couples. 409 more words

Life Advice

Be Nice to People

In 2004 I was at the Jacksonville, FL airport second in line, waiting for my rental car.  The man in front of me was well dressed; power suit, nice leather briefcase, etc.  218 more words


Date a Girl who Walks with You

Date a girl who walks with you,
For the one who walks behind is afraid of you.

Date a girl who walks with you,
For the one who walks ahead will dominate you. 89 more words

Valentines gift for bf: Awkward Fox

I wasn’t going to bother writing about Valentines, but I remembered what happened last year, was having a chuckle and decided to inform you that this Valentine Lamebo did it a bit better this year. 848 more words

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