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The Oxford Guide

I’ve hit a case of writer’s block because I feel that I am struggling to find my blogging voice- vloice. If I’m being honest- this is a lot of work. 849 more words


30 Things I Learned By Age 30

This year I hit the big Three-O, which means I’m no longer an overeager twenty-something who is trying to figure it all out to prevent becoming a failure in life. 1,851 more words

No One is Innocent

No one is innocent, I am not immune to this fact. I have stolen, cheated and fluffed the rules in my favor. No this is not a confessional, forgiveness I do not seek, as I know that is something hard to give. 448 more words


Neighborhood joint advice

On a quick trip to Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood bar Shifty’s for a Saturday lunch with good friends Michelle, Kristin, Jeff and my dear wife Karen, I noticed a bunch of cool signs behind the bar. 86 more words


How to handle unwanted advice

In social games I’ve received a lot of comments about how I play. In the process of learning a new sport I’ve had to distinguish between knowledgeable sources and dubious sources.  497 more words


Don't Let Time Be Your Biggest Enemy

Right now, what are you waiting for? What are you wishing to happen?

Think about, for a minute, how much time you spend every day, waiting for a certain time. 533 more words

Life Lessons From A Man Who Has Been Through More Than His Fair Share Of Hedges In His Time….

Lesson 101 Recognising A Keeper

There is no reason and sadly little likelihood anyone in their 20s will take this advice. 263 more words