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Why Procrastination is Bad: Paris of Troy

Sometimes procrastination can be great, for instance I’ve started this blog! But history shows us that most of the time it ends up making the original task far worse. 229 more words


Being a Naturally Emotional Person, and What I am Doing About It.

I am a very dramatic and emotional creature.

It is difficult to not allow my feelings to play a dominant role in my behavior and decisions. 545 more words


A House of Problems

It is a bit demoralizing to have your own family say you are not doing enough as it regards the finances of the household. But to be perfectly honest when you know your best will never be enough how do you deal with that. 716 more words


Rejecting Magazines and Mirrors

It’s become increasingly clear to me that magazines and many publications, television shows, and other forms of pop culture are not good for my mental health. 559 more words


Because Kids Rock

This past week, I gave three presentations at two local elementary schools.

My presentations are an hour in length, and involve a half-hour PowerPoint show, a Q and A sesh, a little reading, and a draw for a book prize at the end. 422 more words


28 People Share The One Thing They Wish The ESTJs In Their Lives Understood

1. “I am so jealous of your ability to connect with a crowd and be a leader, without all the soul crushing anxiety that I’m often faced when told I am put in charge of something.” –INFJ… 690 more words


Yes that’s right, I’ve decided to start offering completely free life advice and this article describes why and how you can participate.

Hi folks.

I hope you’ve been having a magical autumn. 626 more words

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