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How to start your mornings with the right foot.

It’s monday, you grunt, barely open your eyes and see the sun staring back at you. You try to grab your phone to turn off the “bloody alarm” you knowingly set-up for 6:00 AM last night. 499 more words


5 Helpful Tips on Living Alone for the First Time

Just so you’re aware, I have written and now re-written this particular post because I just keep learning new things! I never thought I would run out of things to do. 666 more words


Good and Bad v All or Nothing

I think we’ve been duped,
there’s this idea thats got me in a loop.
I’d bought into the notion,
that being good is like a magic potion… 372 more words


Time to move on ? 

Welcome to my blog :)
So recently I read a book that literally inspired me to write this. The book was Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. 258 more words

Life Advice

How to be 50: How to Appear Successful

By Charlotte Latvala

By 50, you’ve figured out who you are, where you’re going, and how to get there.

Except that you haven’t. (Don’t feel bad. 376 more words


If You Want To Live, Find A Hobby

LISTEN TO ME. Do not make your life totally about work.

If you do, you will burn out within months. You will start hoping that you get hit by a car on your way to work, just so you can avoid the office and just chill in the ER for a couple of days. 430 more words


Take the time to sit on a park bench

You ever have just one of those days? Those days where absolutely nothing goes right? Like you’re convinced you must have fucked up your daily routine sometime in the morning and it resulted in throwing off your whole day.  1,084 more words