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That box of chocolate

Life is a like a box of chocolate. You never know where it will take you. A couple of days ago, a friend messaged me to say that she had just passed her Canadian citizenship test, a step in her life that had never crossed her mind while she was growing up in sunny California. 258 more words


Letters From an ICU Nurse: Johnny

I sat, heavy with emotional weight, staring at the stiff, corpse, of my 35-year-old patient. I met Johnny exactly one week before his death. He was a southern good ol’ boy who was a sergeant in the United States Air Force. 1,677 more words


TV shows that will get you through a hard time.

As you may have guessed the direction of this post from the title I will be giving a not-so brief selection of fail-safe TV shows that have gotten me through breakups,breakdowns,exams,dissertations,work/family/friend stress,illnesses and pretty much every type of anxiety I can muster. 1,559 more words


Dear Laura: A letter to my sister when she reaches the age of 18.

Dear Laura,

If you are reading this, then you have either most definitely heard parts of what I am about to say at some point in your life, or in the latter case, I believe that it is time for me to step up to my sister-duties and give you some words of my own learned wisdom. 1,572 more words


I decided to be an adult, because I can’t avoid it.

M. Barrie’s most famous work was based on the story of Peter Pan, a kid who decided not to be an adult. The internet is full of memes on the subject that went trending faster than you can click the like button. 809 more words

English Nonsense

When You Feel Like You're Always Going To Miss The Past, Read This

Have you ever missed some moments so much it hurts?

On that lonely hour, you relive and rewind those sweet moments you have spent together with them; those crazy adventures of exploring some new places together, those midnight travels filled with giggles, those sleepovers until 3 a.m. 648 more words

Finding Faith

When I read the scriptures, I feel like myself. I recently listened to a podcast that gave advice to do what you feel passionate about. This is how she put it “Whatever makes your heart beat fast. 311 more words

Personal Experience