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Read This If You're Feeling Like You Have No Clue What You're Doing In Life

“Know that the ‘best possible you’ may not be as successful as your neighbor, but that’s okay. The best you may not be as thin as your sister, but that’s fine.

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ASMR ♡ mouth sounds only/solo sonidos en la boca ♡

Hey, what was awesome about your day? And more importantly, who do you wanna be? Please comment that down below! Or email me at sylversilph@gmail.com … i am insanely curious to know! 84 more words


Keep trying 

Life isn’t always fair… life is a beautiful chance given to human beings to make the best of it, to LEARN and to provide others the best of us. 781 more words



Lately, I have been extremely happy. I have a wonderful family whom I love dearly, amazing friends who I can count on for anything, and I have met a guy who seems to genuinely care about me. 484 more words


Okay, hi I’m Demetrous.

You can call me Dee because that’s the grade I got in all my writing classes. I’m not talented at it but here we are. 323 more words


A simple algorithm to become a dominant man

Being dominant is a distinctive characteristic of alpha males in the animal kingdom. In men, it is a trait that emits confidence, satisfaction and fulfillment. So here is how you become dominant: 126 more words


How to Watch others Thrive

I just got back from watching my best friends start to live her dreams in the spotlight and performing her passions. This use to hurt me, being an unstable bean that always needed to feel like she was doing something with her life, when in reality I just didn’t know what I was doing. 197 more words

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