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The Stigma of High School Friendships

About a month ago, I was scrolling through my university’s Facebook confessions page when I came across a post raving and ranting about how “pathetic” people who remain close with their high school friends are. 1,362 more words

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You're a Genius All The Time

Much as I love to ramble on when it’s time for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, I think I’m going to let brevity get the better of my wit today. 353 more words


If technology fails

NU and I were discussing the possibility of all technology failing on earth. I was thinking a Pinky and The Brain type situation where an evil genius uses a giant magnet to ruin our lives. 314 more words

Rambling Goat

Life After School Advice (Part One): Work & Travel

Introducing the first instalment of my four part, ‘Life After School Advice’ posts. This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while and have collaborated with some of my close friends in order to do it. 1,212 more words


Keep Warm While "Chilling Out"


Whenever I talk to my grandma, she always reminds me to make sure I am dressed warmly. She tells me to “Make sure to wear socks!” and “Put on a warmer shirt,” even if I’m only going from the bed to the kitchen. 144 more words


Advice from a CEO, and whysoever am I single?

Warning — BUT NOT APOLOGY — I did watch several consecutive episodes of ‘Louie’ before writing this. If you are not familiar, just…don’t be surprised if my humor is a bit darker than normal. 644 more words


I would get everything for free

Charlie and I arrived to the dining room.

There was not an empty table so we shared it. Some minutes later, rockabilly arrived he is irreverent and seems cool. 96 more words

Dance Of Reality