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Setting FIRE to your Retirement

Although the term may bring back memories of losing your first job or an unfortunate incident as a child learning what “hot” means, FIRE is not just a good thing – it’s a great thing. 382 more words

Alumni & Life After College

7 things about life after graduation.

Good Morning on Friday, June 30th. 

I wanted to do something a little different for this post as the last couple have been product reviews so I wanted to write one on the things that people don’t tell you about life after graduation. 616 more words

Summer in a Small Town

Hey friends!

Just thought I would take this opportunity to reflect upon my summer thus far and update you on the happenings of my life however exciting (or unexciting) those may be ;) 568 more words

Life After Graduation

A Bit Confused

I think I’m a bit confused.

As to… How this all works. As to how we are supposed to continually shape ourselves into the forms that fit through the rings, mazes, and courses that we are expected to navigate through each and every stage of life. 899 more words

The Hiroshi Diary

What It’s Like To Be A Fresh Graduate In Our Society

You’ll expect me to say it’s frightening. Well, you don’t expect me to lie, right? Because it is. It’s very frightening, to be exact.

Facing the world on your own, as a fish in the sea waiting to be eaten by sharks. 529 more words

What It’s Really Like to Be a College Graduate

Graduation is just a few days away! It can be incredibly daunting to finish your college career, so Kira and Olivia have some advice and insight on what you can expect and what it’s really like to be a college grad. 984 more words


So You've Graduated College: Now What?

Congratulations! You did it!

As you’re taking your last finals, you can finally relax for a day before you start worrying about what comes next. You may have your future planned out perfectly, or maybe you were so focused on finishing you have no idea what comes next. 449 more words