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How to be a Lifelong Learner

Growing up, my grandpa always told me how he was a lifelong learner. He would tell me stories of things he had learned and of things he was currently learning. 605 more words

How To Conquer New Beginnings

I moved to a small town in my home state and started my first ever, full-time job about a week after my college graduation. I had been so overjoyed to find a job just a few hours away from home that I had never paused to consider it might be difficult to make new friends or get involved in the community. 813 more words

Job Searching: Which Jobs to Apply For?

Searching for your first job out of college can be a daunting task. While it may seem like graduation is forever away, it’s actually right around the corner. 909 more words


An honest (and slightly woe is me) post

So this is totally an impromptu, unplanned and a ‘pouring my heart out over the keyboard’ kinda post. So much so, that I don’t actually know where to begin. 740 more words


Dull life or struggle for a fulfilling life

Its been 9 months since graduation; no relevant job in my chosen career path. Just drifting away at this mindless life right now. The feeling of despair and frustration that sets in everyday as soon as I wake up. 382 more words

Life After Graduation

A Contemplation (2/2)

Part II: Life After Graduation

Read Part I here.

My Dream to Become a Career Woman

The idea and motivation of studying and then continue to get a job abroad were encouraged by my uncle. 631 more words


Blurbs of Consciousness

Now that 2016 is winding down, and we are one month out from 2017, I am looking to the future for what I want it to hold. 811 more words