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So what are you doing after graduation? 

What a daunting question.. And I can assure you that not everyone has a solid answer. This one’s personal, because judgement comes crashing towards you soon after. 410 more words


Life After TAPIF: some thoughts

It’s been nearly three months since my TAPIF contract ended, two since I came back from France. Sometimes I think about it and it feels like a big blur, and I wonder if it actually happened. 550 more words



What does it mean to be comfortable? Images of being curled up in an armchair drenched in sunlight reading a good book or wrapped in a blanket in the early morning with my hand wrapped around a steaming mug of tea or even the image of being surrounded by friends, laughing until our faces hurt. 589 more words

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Life after Graduation

So it’s been awhile since I written here. I’ve been extremely busy after graduation and it feels good to finally be back and write again. After graduation I’ve been through a lot of up’s and down’s, this has been one emotional rollercoaster for me. 224 more words

You're graduating....congratulations to you all....

….well done for getting to the end of your undergraduate journey.

Enjoy the ceremony, the opportunities to celebrate, party, meet up with your colleagues and friends made on the long road from fresher to graduate. 321 more words

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Top 7 Things I Learned In My First Year Teaching:

Yep, that’s right, folks, I am jumping on the “listicle” train and giving you seven things I learned this year! Now, just a disclaimer, my experiences are my experiences alone.   1,360 more words


The Reason I Carry On

It’s a hot summer day in June and I’m drenched in sweat, my hands are dirty, and I’m feeling a bit queasy.  Yet, I can sit back, sip some ice water, and wear a contented grin.   892 more words