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Top 7 Things I Learned In My First Year Teaching:

Yep, that’s right, folks, I am jumping on the “listicle” train and giving you seven things I learned this year! Now, just a disclaimer, my experiences are my experiences alone.   1,360 more words


The Reason I Carry On

It’s a hot summer day in June and I’m drenched in sweat, my hands are dirty, and I’m feeling a bit queasy.  Yet, I can sit back, sip some ice water, and wear a contented grin.   893 more words


No plans? No clue? .......

…….if that sounds like you – Get Started Now!

If the above title sums you up as you graduate and move on from your studies, and seem to be stumbling into a black hole – you’ll not be the only one, so… 148 more words

General Interest

Rant Of A Really Blessed Student

Recently I was talking with my friend about recruiting incoming freshman for our club.

I feel tempted to just sneak into orientation and get ice cream… 532 more words


Am I Staying in Canada after Graduation?

The clock is ticking.

After 3 years living in Canada I no longer feel like a foreigner in many aspects. But sometimes I forget that I am a temporary resident. 375 more words

You Can't Blame Me

My name is Rachel and I do it all.

Today I am a blogging failure.

You can’t blame me, really.  After all, in the months since my last post I have hastily prepared for finals, graduated, and started working full-time at my “big girl” job (all the while still working part-time at my other job).   757 more words

Life After Graduation

So you want to know what it’s like.  What it feels like to be finally done.  What my future plans are (oh dear.  Never ask a recent college grad or about to be grad that question). 217 more words