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THE LIGHT BETWEEN US by Laura Lynne Jackson

     I’ve read countless books concerning the paranormal, and in this case psychic mediums, and I don’t think any book has grabbed my attention so completely as Laura Lynne Jackson’s, The Light Between Us! 235 more words

"Life after Life" by Kate Atkinson

This is a novel with an unusual (unique)? structure, as the narrative repeatedly loops back in time to describe alternative lives for its central character, Ursula Todd.   873 more words


'A God in Ruins' Kate Atkinson

‘When they first moved into this house there had been a lovely lilac that graced the front garden, but Teddy had clipped it down when it was in full scented flower in the first April. 906 more words

A God In Ruins

Readathon Wrap-up: Nox

After not getting home from game night at a friend’s house until after midnight, I was doubting my ability to start the readathon on time. 336 more words


Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Practice makes perfect.

If you could go back in life and get a do-over, would you take that chance and change the course of history? 230 more words


Review: 'A God in Ruins' by Kate Atkinson

As you may know from my recent review of Life After Life, I was pretty excited to discover Kate Atkinson. I’d never read her work before and found it enchanting. 508 more words


Life after Life by Kate Atkinson

This book started boldly, with the attempt assassination of Hitler, then it goes back to February 1910 with the birth of Ursula. It is hard to talk about this book without spoiling some of the surprise and at the same time confusion (in which the reader will surely find themselves in) so I do apologise for this in advance, but there is no way around it. 770 more words

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