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Present's from Mum's trip to Edinburgh

Earlier this week Mum headed off with her Auntie to Edinburgh, for some girlie time over a few days looking around and having a refresher. Here’s some bits and bobs  of what they’d been up to; going into the *must see*  dungeons , visiting the Greyfriars Bobby statue, popping to the cinema to see ‘Viceroy’s house’, HolyRoodhouse,  walking along the Royal Mile and helping themselves to the cocktail version for good measure…… One delectable favourite she brought back was a mint chocolate sweet treat from the Royal Yacht Brittania. 66 more words


Naturally me...

So over the last 8 months I have been thinking about allowing my natural hair to show itself.

But it has only been the last 2 and a half months where I have actually decided to go fully natural. 478 more words

Life And All That Jazz

Don't stay stuck in your comfort zone

So this is me around 8ish years old, whilst on a holiday with my family in Corsica. (My family are not in the photograph)

As I started walking across this bridge at the time I was slightly jittery – being fully aware that at any moment I could miss a step, or slip and fall through the sides of the rope which somebody had just dived through – and risk a flailing fall to the water below  (infront of a rather large audience to the sides of this photograph). 418 more words

Life And All That Jazz

Shepherds delight

I like it when a plan comes together…

With my weekends now devoid of motorsport I have been returning to normal life, so to speak. I haven’t been missing much, is my first thought. 370 more words


Keep on...

Happy go lucky – what is that really about? I have never figured it out and in this ever changing, more socially fractured World, is it even possible? 376 more words


Head down

Great! That is how the world around me feels, not. Apart from a random reference to 90’s sub culture slang, party on and all that schizzle, this feeling has been with me since my lunchtime walk. 370 more words