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For those of you who have had a poop day

Some days are complete poop. Or poop with extra toppings just because. Other days there may be that same poop but with other reasons as to why it feels/ has gone like that eg you find out some bad news or may have forgotten a chunk of things on your to-do list that didn’t get sorted within your time-frame.  521 more words

Life And All That Jazz

Jade Francesca's MUA | Going out look no.1

Need some inspiration for your nights out and cocktails I hear? Look no further than Jade’s insta/fb  ( @jademua1 ) https://www.facebook.com/jademua1/   page and book an appointment or maybe even just observe her techniques and  ask about colour combinations. 84 more words

Life And All That Jazz

Books we should try together this summer '17

Let’s discover these books together – on your marks ready, set, go!

Love Lottie X 7 more words

Life And All That Jazz

Why I hate the term 'special' for children with additional needs

Like childhood isn’t hard enough for the young with the different challenges it presents on the road to adulthood. Some extra frisbee’s are thrown at children with additional needs – whether they may be on the autistic spectrum, have dyslexia, EBD or mobility difficulties or any other additional need. 843 more words

Life And All That Jazz

A poem for the young - The Ladybird's train journey

The ladybird’s train journey

Pressed against the window,
eyes wide open to the outdoors.                             

Small dog passing by take note –
He’s got quite sharp, alarming claws! 166 more words

Life And All That Jazz

Why we are TERRIFIED of this journey

As I shared in the previous post – we are embarking on a new adventure. And, while this is exciting we are are also petrified. 626 more words

Life And All That Jazz

Appreciation post - Ariana Grande

WOW. Is there anything Ariana can’t do?

The amount of support this 23 year old has gathered in a short time frame, just shows what strength humanity has when it seems to many that all is lost, that actually we have everybody’s back and everything will… 516 more words

Life And All That Jazz