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Spring never officially started until I got a handshake from Shiloh

This is the only thing I will be posting today, in tribute to a wonderful young man who was tragically taken from the world early this morning. 424 more words

Ned Hickson

Two Brothers

This story reminds me of the bonds between David and Jonathan in the Old Testament.   Listen to Allen Levi honor his younger, deceased brother.

Your Part To Play

I am Ugly: Part IV

Young, lost, angry, poor, with a monkey on his back.  Boy junkie makes one last call to a drunken mother.  She is too stoned to answer, the boy waits until jail lights dim into blackness.  90 more words


Frog In Fog

Do as I do said a frog in the fog,

and he flopped into a pond.

How lucky was he,

for he couldn’t look beyond. 84 more words

Creative Writing


Opening Pandora’s box…

Some basics as I see it – Islam is divided into two sects – the Sunni and Shia sects. Two countries that compete for the leadership of Islam, … 1,239 more words

Life And Death

I am Ugly: Part Three

A city is vacant yet people live in their tents, boxes, and sleeping bags.  Unshaved men gather around a barrel of flames to warm hands gnarled and unclean.  48 more words


All things are shadows | From an Old Soul

July 21, Diary of an Old Soul

All things are shadows of the shining true:
Sun, sea, and air—close, potent, hurtless fire—
Flowers from their mother’s prison—dove, and dew—

404 more words
Spiritual Formation