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Life and Death by Stephenie Meyer

Life and Death

I’ve been so very busy that a month has passed before I could read this! Are you ready twihards? I know I am. 314 more words

Book Review

If your Nerve, deny you --

During the last three months I’ve become hooked on Emily Dickinson’s enigmatic poetry. Today I’m trying my hand at personal reflections on one of my favorites. 579 more words

Spiritual Formation

Atomic Fire

The wind carries the blazing heat all the way from the north of the wall and across the narrow sea that divides the two countries, and the tears carry the sorrow of all the unfulfilled promises made to the people, all the lies that he believed to have been the truth, spoken from a kind heart who had faith in logic and reason to survive and sustain in a world where the insane have taken control of all the decisions that will ever be made as the rest are left to hold the dice and urged to throw before that chance too fades away, and then they are left to pray; pray, pray for something, anything, everything, nothing, depending upon the events that would unfold or no. 524 more words

Juan 50: The Power Of Once

When I was writing the posts for the Juan 50 project, I tabled this one because it was, I felt, too obscure. After going through yet another death in our family these past few days, I realized that this depicted a celebration about the people who make the most of the dash between the two key dates given them. 263 more words

Juan Day At A Time

DeOrr Kunz Jnr Pt.2

Mom, dad and toddler DeOrr Kunz travelled in their pick-up (a Dodge Ram I believe) from Idaho Falls to the Timber Creek campground near Leadore.  DeOrr’s ‘so-called’ great-grandfather meanwhile, drove the 120 miles to the campsite in his suburban; towing a trailer. 2,250 more words

Losts And Founds


I have self soothing tics. I think we all do. I scratch my head as an anxiety reducer. I watch Grey’s over and over on Netflix. 462 more words

Life And Other Insanity