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"Getting to Know You"

February 19, 2017

Many seniors live in our immediate area, so we have funerals fairly often. We attend even if we haven’t known the deceased well, to acknowledge our neighbor relationship and to support the family by our good will and presence. 399 more words

Life And Death


the illusions built over years
finally fell from the worn window frame
pane by pane they hit the ground
shattering into slivers, jagged sharps
the fragilility of the core… 100 more words


Never The Same

The day of my 16th birthday dawned hot and clear. The bright Melbourne sky seared impossibly blue outside my bedroom window.

It was the first day of the school year. 747 more words


Paul has random thoughts, and survives.

The awareness that my existence is an illusion is liberating. I know that I will soon return to the Source of All Things, the Universe, God, Buddha, what have you, and I will become one and return to that which I have always been. 315 more words

Grave Days

Could lives be like spades?

Digging into the past, present, future?

Sometimes finding success

Sometimes finding nothing

Digging these holes

Digging these graves

Living themselves to death… 11 more words


Ascended Soul

On the day of my Uncle’s funeral service, I went for a walk along a waterfall trail nearby. From all of the photographs taken, only this one captured the rainbow image walking down the path as if it was heading home. 35 more words



A man may be so sick

As to be sick of himself.

The house requires repairs

No doctor will save it now.

A man may build an empire… 18 more words