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My Millennial Bucket List

This is very important, I have so many things that I need to get done. And with my upcoming birthday (September 19th) I need to get this all down: 343 more words

Life And Death

With Open Face Beholding

Lord, change me, make me new. Make me like you! – the plea of the sunflower.

2 Corinthians 3:17-18

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

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Lately, I've been feeling very well, body and soul. (Thank you, everyone, for your prayers!) The physical wellness is a great reprieve from the difficulties of the first part of this year and I am grateful to God for it! I do have a desire, however, to take a break from myself here – that is, a break from the deeper reflections on my personal experiences, all the burgeoning up of the thoughts and feelings of mind and heart. I am, it seems, a bit tired of me. Not to worry, though, for there is much to do in the grace of God that doesn't require such intense introspection. So, this week, I'm sharing something that I wrote as a Bible Burst: a poetic look at the lessons to be learned from a sunflower. Hope you enjoy it!

DayBreaks for 8/17/17 - Falling Stars and Fleeting Days

DayBreaks for 8/17/17: Falling Stars and Fleeting Days

Note from Galen: Sorry for all the DayBreaks repeats these past few months. I happen to be in a very busy season of life right now. 985 more words

New Testament

A ghost of myself

I pull to the side of the road. The screech of sirens and the flashing blue lights of an ambulance head towards my village. For a moment I am simply grateful that my younger son sold his motorbike, even though I know he misses it dreadfully. 653 more words


My American Dream

Long stemmed grass stuck between my teeth

shock of black hair blowing in a summer breeze

I lost count of puffy clouds slow motion journey… 282 more words


वो कौन थी....

अध्याय – 2

उसके वो भूरे बाल, नीली-हरी आँखें उसपर सफ़ेद रंगत, सफ़ेद लिबास में आसमान से उतरी किसी परी से कम नहीं लग रही थी, ऐसा लग रहा था जैसे कश्मीर की सारी ख़ुबसूरती उसमें समा गई हो…

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This is Texas and It Is HOT...

Now that Summer is finally here
and temperatures are beginning to sear
and every day is hotter than most
and the sun is making everything toast… 539 more words