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Don't die before u r dead.

My Mum’s youngest brother passed away on Saturday night.
62 years of love, joy and generosity ended by a cardiac arrest.
A builder by profession, an artist by genetic lineage, a passionate  405 more words

Monkey See Monkey Do

The Gift of Life

“He who shall preserve the life bestowed upon him, and give thanks to Him Who imparted it, shall receive also length of days forever and ever. 112 more words



Bumble Bee bullets sting through gray smoky air.

God’s dirt captures the noses of children.

Are we done yet, have we more to kill?

Nabil and Yara are laboring in a concrete corner, 53 more words


What happens after we die?

I’ve been doing “Sermon Talkback” in the adult Sunday school classes at Richmond’s First Baptist Church for the past few months.  In the older adult classes, in particular, people often want to know what comes next.  602 more words


Skeleton Mind / For the Little Infant's Bones / Transmigration

by Richard King Perkins II

Skeleton Mind

Mind paces the infinite corridor
like a ravenous, chittering fowl
where love-trickster Heart has ensorcelled it
within the tube of the first infatuation. 422 more words

nothing affects you


“This consciousness is extinguishing, knowingness is disappearing, but nothing affects you, the Absolute – that is the moment of death, but what matters? The vital breath is leaving the body, the “I Amness” receding, but the “I Amness” is going to the Absolute.” 2,392 more words

Exploring Consciousness

What I Know About Death Part 5

While being in my spiritual body, Lurch and me, my sister and her angel sat in our bedroom on the couch talking.  Lurch asked, “What is your favorite part of life?” 341 more words

Heaven And Hell