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The plane crashes! Stay alive…

The co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 purposely crashed the plane into the French Alps on Tuesday 24/3/2015, killing all 150 people on board, officials said Thursday. 239 more words



The best player on the planet.
When he plays on snow
He doesn’t leave any marks
He can’t walk on water – yet… 138 more words




Laburnum in blooms;

Bunches of delightful bright.


Leaves turned pale;

Scatters of waning beauty.


Shreds of living and dead shed;

In a soothing summer shower.

*** Published previously in April 2014

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Tattoo Tales: The Hermit

Like most young girls, I assume, I was fascinated with tarot cards and attempted to learn to read them. Though I eventually gave up I still was always drawn to the illustrations on different sets of cards. 448 more words


Game Of Numbers

NUMBERS. Nearly two-thirds of the people think of numbers as related to mathematics, and mathematics as some sort of evil. The only thing which they fail to understand is that all the while, for their life until now, they have been focusing much more than what they think they have. 568 more words

Life And Death

Death, Eternity, and Immortality

In English class we’ve been discussing eternity and immortality. While many people like the idea of living in this human earthy body for forever I personally appreciate the idea and beauty of death. 595 more words

Reasons for Living

I made mention in the other post that I hate life.  Not necessarily do I hate my life, I just hate life in general.  What really gets under my skin is that my life isn’t particularly bad, particularly when compared to those who live in Syria or Nepal.  690 more words