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"Be True to One's Self"

umbra : shadow or darkness

pneuma : the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person

I have returned to this blog with new intentions: to tell everyone who I really am. 822 more words

Surviving Air Travel

Are you giddy with excitement about your upcoming trip over the Atlantic? Did you buy a nice new set of luggage, complete with a small carry on, excited at the prospect of flying over the ocean for the first time in style? 1,233 more words


Memories of you

Yesterday evening I felt like I needed to clear my head, so in typical fashion I decided a workout was in order.  Usually, by the time I’m done an exhausting workout the only things I can think of are water, food, and sleep.   184 more words


Road Rage

Road Rage

I’m on my way to an appointment, driving the speed limit. I pull into the left-turn lane at the traffic light, stop, and wait for the light to give me the green arrow to turn. 541 more words

Billy Ray Chitwood

Life in the balance...

Thank you to my faithful blog readers. And for those who emailed and asked if I could blog more about my day to day life as a surgical resident, this one if for you.  805 more words