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DayBreaks for 5/25/15 - They Watched Them Die

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DayBreaks for 5/25/15: They Watched Them Die

“Many have been there.  Your grandfather, parents, perhaps aunts, uncles, cousins, sons and daughters – they were there.  507 more words


Humdrum aesthetics, ambiance, and everyday affect

I’ve been off lately. Like a typist with baseball mitts on or a table with uneven legs. Finishing up coursework, graduating, moving back to my parents to prep for the next phase of life, I’ve been recalibrating my humdrum “average everydayness,” to use Heidegger’s term. 644 more words



These days I am so full of feelings. It’s as if someone has turned a dial to amplify my emotions — good and bad. I feel them reverberate more deeply within myself. 208 more words

Time after time

When science has reduced you to a DNA Code

The pointless moment can feel like a lifetime

Remember your faults are your perfections

Your tears and rejections always have a beauty… 67 more words


The Sufjan Experience

Sufjan Stevens live at the Opera House. And he was all that is beautiful, soothing and altogether haunting.

Sufjan spoke about the irony of his mother’s morbid fascination with death upon her own, reincarnation and past lives and the way it hindered her interaction with life in the present, encapsulated in an album that essentially became a collection of love songs—love profound in complexity and stairs and doorways leading nowhere. 33 more words

Fujifilm X100s

i am who you say i am...


This is one of my favorite, all-time, movie clips…and I love the line…

“You see us how you want to see us.”

That’s how it ends…but, when we first meet each of these kids in Saturday Detention they seem to fit all the common stereotypes of kids we could run into at any school–the brain, the jock, the rebel, the outcast/crazy, the rich princess, etc… 1,149 more words

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