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Racial Hate Groups in America - Part 7


Racial Hate Groups in America

The title of this writing is provocative and brings a number of mental images like the KKK, and rightfully so. 536 more words


There's another world inside of me

(This post suddenly appeared in my mind, word by word, out of nowhere. A vision or a premonition? I needed to write it and I did it almost automatically. 562 more words

Through Shadows

Life, Death, & Spiritual Struggle

In the last year, I’ve watched my cat grow older and prepare for his time to depart this life and begin a new journey.  He has graying hair, cleans himself less frequently, and moves more slowly than his former acrobatic self.  388 more words


Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I am slow. It took me this long to figure out the pestilence is really a twit. I have the poor idiot mislabeled. 443 more words

The Cancer within Congress - Part 5


The Cancer within Congress – Part 5

While we think of the partisan political divisions affecting congressional governance we are blinded to the “elephant in the room”. 1,045 more words


Life & Death Beyond the Casket

While it is an uncomfortable thing to think about because we know that one day it will be us inside of a box/ urn (or whatever choice is made as to where our body will lay) , while flashbacks come to the front of our minds of a loved one leaving us, while tears and heartache choke us up……. 976 more words


Musings on life, and death

Feelings about death are complicated: illogical, guilt-ridden, speculative. We are often shocked by death and deem it unfair, knowing damn well that everyone and everything dies. 800 more words