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A Gold Toothless and Other Ramblings

There’s a touch of blogger’s block going on here.

A couple of days ago a friend happened to mention it’s a good trick to write for yourself only, not for any particular audience, and to avoid editing as you write. 546 more words

Life And Family


Suatu anugerah yang memang sangat sulit dipercaya ketika aku menyadari begitu banyak pelajaran dari seseorang yang tangguh dalam menghadapi hidup. Kemudian, saya berumpama dapat melihat bagaimana beliau menitih kehidupannya hingga kini ku hadir lahir dan batin. 546 more words

20 Reasons Christians Can Be Thankful this Year

Whether it’s been a year full of joy and prosperity or the worst year you’ve ever had, here are twenty reasons that every Christian can thank God this Thanksgiving. 1,173 more words

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On the Watch 24/7

Today I have no books recommendations to offer. I’m too busy trying to keep up with the youngest generation. Babysitting twins is a full-time job. This my husband and I can attest to. 154 more words

Life And Family

What Do I Do After I've Heard A "Bad" Sermon?

Editor’s Note: This is part 3 in a 4 part series on preaching from the layman’s perspective. Previous articles in this series include¬†How Do I Know When I’ve Heard A Bad Sermon? 1,157 more words

Spiritual Growth


Window 13. LTO Main License Center. Dito nire-release yung mga student license. Ang problema wala daw supply ng lisensya kaya yung resibo lang yung ibibigay nila. 61 more words

Life And Family

Mama, You are not Alone

Hello to all of you mamas out there just trying to do the best you can, maybe just trying to get through the day. I just want to say to each one of you that you are NOT alone! 896 more words

Life And Family