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#Training Days: Patience, Grasshopper!

There isn’t a day where I don’t question the worthiness of this sacrifice: the runs hurt (or is it just mental), I have some mental block about my swimming distance that I am trying to work through, and biking, while I love it like a new girlfriend, is about 4 mph slower than where I will need to be in November. 758 more words


What are teen hiding on their phones?

Lucky for me my daughter isn’t a teenager yet but  It’s not like I haven’t helped raise teens. My best friend is the mother of 5… and I am their God Mother. 951 more words

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Abolish water

I got back from Costco this morning and went to put a case of bottled water in the basement, and I discovered that was kind of like coals to Newcastle. 357 more words

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My Thoughts on grieving

My paternal granddad just recently passed away, and I thought to blog about my feelings, my experience with grieving. Grieving isn’t easy, it fills you up with emotions and etc. 134 more words

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The Life Not Lived

Just lying here on my couch, not feeling great when it occurs to me that I forgot to do something. Then it hits me….oh yeah, I forgot to have a life. 533 more words

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232 Illinois prison guards accused of abusing inmates and how it involves YOU!!!

This is obviously  a difficult subject for me. As I’ve told y’all….my husband is currently incarcerated in Illinois Department of Corrections for possession of marijuana and possession of a handgun. 1,055 more words

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Turn a No into a YES!! **Thank You Department of Corrections**

Rejection is just part of life but….the thing is… “No” doesn’t always have to mean No….it is possible to turn a No into a YES!!! … 982 more words

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