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Ready, Set, Go! Monthly Prepration

I am so happy to see some new people checking out my blog. Thank you! I am really just getting things started and have been still trying to find my “niche” I think some super awesome ways to save money, some creative ways to save money, and some tasty… 557 more words

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I'm Scared

I’m scared.. scared of disapointment.. scared of things that are uncharted.. scared of being vulnerable.. scared of being hurt.. scared of love. scared of being real with fake one..scared to die.. 52 more words

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5 Ways to Spend Less Money Grocery Shopping

Are you looking for ways to save money? Are you saving for a vacation, the birth of a child, a wedding, money to travel, the list of reasons why we need to save money seems never ending. 859 more words

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How we spend only $150/ month on Groceries

I have to start by saying I am sorry I have not posted in FOREVER, I have been wrestling with the idea to keep this blog or try something new. 937 more words

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No, it didn't

“2016 sucked.”

No, it didn’t.

The election did more than suck, it was catastrophic. Other than that? It was a year.

Every December, you hear the same phrase: “This year sucked”. 164 more words

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A Gold Toothless and Other Ramblings

There’s a touch of blogger’s block going on here.

A couple of days ago a friend happened to mention it’s a good trick to write for yourself only, not for any particular audience, and to avoid editing as you write. 546 more words

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Suatu anugerah yang memang sangat sulit dipercaya ketika aku menyadari begitu banyak pelajaran dari seseorang yang tangguh dalam menghadapi hidup. Kemudian, saya berumpama dapat melihat bagaimana beliau menitih kehidupannya hingga kini ku hadir lahir dan batin. 546 more words