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Hi Y'all

I’m Miranda, a quirky 30 Something, Vegetarian and Pre-Med Student, Coffee Lover, Bibliophile Addict and Animal Obsessor.

Oh okay, I’m 38, and yes I am very quirky. 818 more words


Meet Ellie

For years, Marshall and I have dreamed of having people live with us… college age or just beyond, maybe even an “orphaned” high schooler that just needed a place to be restored and loved and set back on their feet. 1,144 more words

Following Jesus

If Your Lipstick Shade Was A Person

The other day I had a client ask me about the name tags on our Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick Line.  She had made the comment that each of them sounded like a different person.   1,288 more words

Life And Family

Weekend Round Up

So when the weather looks like this in April:

What do moms do to keep their toddler entertained? 129 more words

Life And Family

The last 10lbs

The freshman moving 10lbs….has anyone ever heard of this phenomenon? 

Back story: I was lucky enough to lose most of my pregnancy weight relatively quickly.  I think it was a combination of breastfeeding and being so tired that I forgot to eat.  315 more words

Life And Family

Traveling with a Child

Although C is my first child, he has been on a total of 18+ flights in his 2 years of life including several cross country flights and 2 international flights of 12+ hours.  514 more words

Life And Family

Everyday Moments

This California girls is used to weather that remains consistent and Arlington is anything but consistent!  One day it is 80 degrees outside and the next it is 35 degrees and rainy! 32 more words

Life And Family