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Serving Others

Ever had a bad day? Yep, me too! One of my recent “bad days” well, more so annoying days got the best of my frustration tolerance. 289 more words

Life And Family

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Immortalized in Stone.”

The moments spent with my family are priceless to me, especially as I watch my children gallop in growth and at the rate that they are growing, before I can say Hey Presto!

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September is dead and I am not

I managed to get through September with minimal amounts of being dead. It was, I think it’s fair to say, one of maybe the three crappiest months of my life. 323 more words



Nung Sunday, it was a family day out for us. A first time since I got back from AU. The original plan was to see Hotel Transylvania and Heneral Luna (thanks to the complimentary passes from Ria). 343 more words

Life And Family

I Wasn't Ready.....

The ceiling was the only thing I could focus on. I knew something was wrong. And I was scared. My mind whirled with thoughts but I couldn’t make the words come out. 315 more words

From The Depths Of My Mind

The nut behind the wheel

On my drive home yesterday the Matrix started making noises — soft rubbing noises, later becoming loud screeching noises intermingled with what sounded like metallic clanking… and occasional bursts of relative silence. 190 more words


Labor and Delivery

A year ago August, our family was serving on assignment at Malibu, a Young Life Camp in Canada, and the blog was just taking shape. After full days of adventuring around camp, digging up crabs, laughing and crying and melting down {my boys, not me of course} and doing life in the most lovely community of people, I would stay up late after my little men were in bed, planning, brainstorming, writing. 414 more words