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Ernst Wiechert: The Jeromin Children

It’s been quiet lately on this blog because I took an 1100-page novel away on holiday and have only just finished it… a long book, which will end up with a long review. 925 more words


The Life and Fate of Vasily Grossman

For the last few years I’ve been reading twentieth century Russian authors, my favourite being Mikhail Bulgakov, so it was only natural that I’d make it to Vasily Grossman and his epic  605 more words

Book Reviews

The Holocaust, World War II, and Gulag Novel You've Never Heard About And Must Read: Vasily Grossman's Life And Fate (1960)

  Life and Fate travels from bloody street fighting in Stalingrad between the armies of Stalin and Hitler to torture chambers in the Lubyanka, headquarters of the Soviet secret police.  2,553 more words

Life and Fate (Review)

Life and Fate is an epic novel about the Battle of Stalingrad. Its scope is broader than this might suggest. The large cast of characters and the many settings take us on a journey through history. 2,508 more words


Easily Distracted: Things which aren't Warcraft

A couple of other games have been distracting me from WoW recently.

First up is the amazing, awesome and hilarious Scribblenauts Unlimited. It has haunted houses, dinosaurs and castles to explore plus the Headless Horseman as an art lover which is absolutely how I envisioned him. 288 more words

Random Musing

"A Soviet Critic from Within": a Vasily Grossman Q & A with Marat Grinberg

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve posted several times on Vasily Grossman’s epic novel Life and Fate. You can read my introductory thoughts on the novel… 1,518 more words

"Yes, Here I Am": Life and Fate's Holocaust

Among other things, Life and Fate is an important contribution to the literature of the Holocaust. The Holocaust touched Grossman personally. I’ve referred now a couple of times in these posts on the novel to his essay “The Hell of Treblinka.” Grossman was with the Red Army when it arrived at the former killing center, which the Germans had largely abandoned in 1943. 2,818 more words