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Throwback Thursday: Cat Show

My first journalism job was that of Business Reporter/Obituary Writer/Weekend Evening “i.e. No One Else Wants This Beat So Let’s Give It to the Kid Who Just Graduated” Reporter for… 697 more words

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How do you know?

How do you know you’re with someone you love dearly?

You spend 3.5 hours at a suburban restaurant, outlasting two waves of diners, and never once hit an awkward silence. 31 more words

Life And Junk.

A rest.

Sitting alone on a tiny dock abutting what the map calls a “lakelet,” I felt obligated to think Deep Thoughts. It’s the kind of place where your head gets sorted out, solutions rise from the depths of your subconscious, revelations happen spontaneously. 88 more words

Life And Junk.

Never say I don't suffer for my craft

My new job has been 80% awesome, 20% bullshit politics that frustrate and insult me.

I was working off-site yesterday at a building that houses lots of employees in the group for which I’m the corporate liaison — the group responsible for those hurtful politics — when I walked (quickly, as I tend to walk) into the bathroom and ran directly into a shoulder-level wooden shelf. 112 more words

Life And Junk.

A Day for My Mother

I hadn’t bothered inviting her to my graduation ceremony, since I don’t actually finish my work until July (and I still had to go to class the week after graduation… 392 more words

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Little thing

One small but telling difference between working for a hospital systtm and working for a bank: The vending machines here have three or four clearly-marked “healthy options,” which are snacks with “fewer than 260 caloris and 7 g of fat.” At the hospital, our health  snack options were those with 100 calories or less — and they took up half the vending machine.

Life And Junk.

Note to Self: According to the judge, we should at least "go into the water."

There but for the grace of God go I. Pfffft, amateurs.

(But I still haven’t learned from others’ mistakes. I HAVE NO REGRETS AND BIG PLANS!)

Life And Junk.