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Life has a funny way...

Some mornings, you’ve really got it together: your outfit totally works, your schedule doesn’t look too hectic, you made it to the early bus and then… 92 more words

Life And Junk.

And NOW I'm ready.

I’ve accomplished a couple noteworthy things in my day, but I’m perhaps most proud that I’ve learned how to apply false eyelashes. Takes me about 15 minutes, but whatever. 7 more words

Life And Junk.

Took me 33 years, but I found them. And now, they're mine.

There is no frustration in the word that the spontaneous purchase of perfect blue booties can’t ameliorate.

Happy Friday the 13th, errybody. Hope yours is as fortuitous as mine!

Life And Junk.

Roll With It

It made me literally pause in my tracks this morning: after playing Don’t Look Back in Anger, the local alt station’s deejays casually mentioned that it’s been 20 years since Oasis released  166 more words

Life And Junk.

Happy Monday!

What are the sweetest words a woman can hear at 8 a.m. on a Monday in the doctor’s office?

“We can go ahead and skip the pelvic exam.” 11 more words

Life And Junk.

Know when to say "when"

“I agree with her,” a colleague IM’ed me during a call with another co-worker.
“Well, I disagree. And I’m not backing down. :)I wrote back. 412 more words

Life And Junk.

I'm not sorry.

A co-worker forwarded me a link to a hot article being bandied about on the interwebs, an editorial about how women censor themselves to avoid looking “angry” or “bitchy.” Particularity in business settings, women tend to talk down about themselves so as to not frighten the men or offend the women they work with. 547 more words

Life And Junk.