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Life and Other Things: New Years Resolutions

Well friends, we are just days away from a brand new year!!!

Today we celebrate the new year by dressing up, going to parties, making our New Years Resolutions (hint: see mine below!), watching the ball drop, and kissing someone as the clock strikes twelve. 1,215 more words


Life and Other Things: Christmas!!

With Christmas less than a week away, I am bursting at the seams with Christmas spirit!! Winter break has begun, presents are bought and wrapped, and the house is filled with more cookies than we can count. 649 more words


Life and Other Things: Finals Week

We are rapidly approaching everyone’s favourite time of year, the holidays! But of course, for college students, that means we’re also rapidly approaching everyone’s least favourite time of year… Finals week. 723 more words


Life and Other Things: Turning 20

Well, I am officially 20 years old. That’s two decades. Or 240 months. Or 1,042.86 weeks. Or 7,300 days. You get the point.

This means that I am… 1,151 more words


A slice of our life in a doodle!

While I am not cooking, writing or changing diapers, I scribble!

US with our favourite things!

Have a lovely weekend!


The Sounds of Silence

I don’t like silence. Sitting in a quiet room makes me anxious and restless. Silence screams at me. As a teacher, the worst days of the semester are days when I give exams, because the room is completely quiet and I have to stay in that for an hour. 490 more words

Life And Other Things

Promises, Promises

Human beings are not always good at keeping our promises.  We lose track of time and forget a promised meeting.  We become prideful, vengeful, or gossip and a promised secret is repeated.  293 more words

Life And Other Things