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Life Update

Hello friends! If you follow me on social you may have noticed that I recently started a new job…

I am now working at the National Aquarium in Baltimore as a Public Relations and Social Media intern! 194 more words

Life And Other Things

On Returning to Yourself

This evening, I sat beside an open window and let the sunshine kiss the side of my face. I felt warmth rest on top of my eyes. 225 more words

Life And Other Things

When Love Is Easy

For a very long time, I assumed that the strongest relationships were the messiest ones.

After all, conflict was the main focus of every romantic comedy I watched growing up. 610 more words

Life And Other Things

Find a Soft Person

Love a soft person. The kind whose heart breaks over puppies and injured children. Someone who cries over sad endings to movies and feels deep joy over happy ones. 384 more words

Life And Other Things

The Columnist vs Procrastination: The Life Long Battle

I have been a chronic procrastinator for a very long time. It started at a very young age(probably around middle school). I remember looking at homework and just ignoring it to do something else. 409 more words


Where in the World is The Unofficial Columnist?

I’m going to be completely honest with all of you, my writing schedule is complete trash. I haven’t uploaded in such a long time and it almost feels weird coming back. 359 more words


Things I am Qualified to Write About

How Long To Stare at Art To Make People Think You’re An Intellectual

Ways To Leave A Party Early Without Saying Goodbye To Anyone

How To Look Like You Weren’t Crying Two Minutes Ago 147 more words

Life And Other Things