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Being a Cry Baby and Other Things.

If you have known me for more than 15 minutes, there is a good chance that you have seen me cry.

Even if you do not know me, you may have seen me cry. 922 more words

Life And Other Things

Life and Death and Other Things.

Something happened last week.

WARNING: This is not a happy post. This post is coming from a place of heartbreak and loss and pain.

One of my friends from high school died at the age of 22 in a way that was very sudden, unexpected, and tragic. 774 more words

Life And Other Things

Hopping on the Comeback Train

In the near future I’ll be posting again. The wheels of creativity are turning and I’ve got enough whiskey in my cabinet for a few blog posts. 14 more words

Life And Other Things

Smoothie series #3 Papaya, Dates& Seed mix Smoothie

I am not going to lie by saying I was so busy and I couldn’t post any smoothie recipes after the first two. I have only been eating some proper finger licking south Indian breakfast all this while on most days because the mother was here. 171 more words

Tales From The Kitchen

Mid Year Review

For many, Mid year reviews happen in the month of Sept when your horrible boss sits with you and in the name of performance discussion tells you all the things you have done wrong in the last 6 months. 649 more words

Day To Day Life

Can't or forcing the ends to not meet?

This article is response to a recent article which was well circulated, at least among my acquaintances, garnering enough praise to be recommended by a close friend (His Highness). 484 more words

Don't Feel Guilty for your Hobbies - Seven Degrees of Smudde

Work trips might be fun, but they completely throw you off your game when you get back. The one and only time I’ve missed a blog post was because of my work trip to Seattle. 14 more words

Life And Other Things