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Always looks worse before it looks better ...

That’s what Myrtle always used to say about zealous house cleaning or revamping. While Gary is away for a short time, I am back into fall cleaning and de-cluttering. 738 more words

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Garlic plenty...

This afternoon, I finished breaking up and separating (“cleaning”) sixty pounds of garlic. This is so that the garlic king can plant the cloves this fall. 647 more words

Life And Pets

Happy Sunday ...

This has been one of the laziest days ever. I actually fell asleep on the couch for about three minutes before a customer came to picked up a dog this afternoon. 541 more words

Life And Pets

Getting settled ...

At the end of my first day home from my trip to California, I’m starting to feel more like myself. I still cry easily, but most of that is for the sheer joy of witnessing the birth of our granddaughter Linden and holding her. 506 more words

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My way home and scenic detours ...

Though I reluctantly gave up on the idea of “simply” swinging by to see granddaughter Juno in Nelson, BC., I feel 100% better this morning than when I stopped driving last night. 607 more words

Life And Pets

California dreaming ...

My heart feels broken, or at least seriously cracked, to think of leaving in the morning. In the same way that Juno has had grandmas (her very most important ones) nearby, Linden will have Shay. 149 more words

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Sshhhhhhhhhhh ...

This beauty has joined our family, thanks to Susan and Laine.

Linden Darwi MacTague

This is how two the grannies watch the precious human: drinking double bourbons and giggling. 74 more words

Life And Pets