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Decompressing ...

The following is from a couple of days ago. I’m having trouble settling down to “blogging” … more apologies/contrition ahead:


I intend to reread my post after the effects of a little wine has worn off. 913 more words

Life And Pets

Midnight rambler ...

It’s 1:15 and I can’t sleep. It’s odd that sometimes I can drink coffee until late in the evening, and then other times, one cup after supper will keep me awake. 454 more words

Life And Pets

Two of our girls, the granddogs, Carly ...

Two of our daughters are vacationing briefly in Texas:

Thank you for taking a photo, Kim! As I mentioned in the last blog post, Shelly and Kim are going to swing by Los Angeles to visit with Susan. 208 more words

Life And Pets

Maggie, Monte, Charlie, Beau, Tony, Chickens ...

This morning, a “big” fluffy farm dog became this petite beauty, after shearing short, thorough shampoo and blow dry, trim, and lavender facial. “Ready for my closeup …” : 264 more words

Life And Pets

Beautiful Tuesday ...

We woke up to this:

Gary moved the car to make way for a delivery of gravel, and then, because we just yesterday had the summer tires put on, it was stuck on the slimy grass and clay! 331 more words

Life And Pets

Gus, Luna, Zero, Lily, Cinnabar ...

Gus is a big sweetie. His owner didn’t know until she saw this photo that her puppy would be okay with a cat. As you can see, Smokey and Gus are “good together” for sure. 373 more words

Life And Pets

Hello Sunday ...

I have done very little but relax today, after care of the beloved guests of course.

In keeping with the leisurely schedule, I have a new batch of nuts and bolts in the oven, and it smells heavenly. 252 more words

Life And Pets