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Landing well ...

I can’t recall from whom I first heard the expression, “He landed well!”, but it was either Gary or our friend Dave, in reference to a pet who ended up in a home in which he was cherished and cared for, a… 730 more words

Life And Pets

I miss you ...

… when I don’t talk to you every day. Even though you fine folks are a blog readership collectively, I know many of you in real life. 557 more words

Life And Pets

Pleasant Sunday ...

I started the day with enthusiasm, and it only got better from there. I made chorizo out of some ground turkey and transformed some of that into sausage rolls. 410 more words

Life And Pets

August so soon ...

How has this happened? The summer is going by too fast.

We hide out from the heat many afternoons … we put on Netflix and just “veg”. 239 more words

Life And Pets

No catchy title ...

I don’t want the lack of a clever Blog Post Title to stand in the way of chatting to you.

Have been relaxing for a few moments, having made a lunch for Gary and sat to eat too. 268 more words

Life And Pets

Sunday morning ...

When I awoke and realized this was Sunday, I was pleased. We don’t attend church nor formally observe this day of the week as Sabbath, and it wouldn’t be Gary’s Sabbath anyway. 404 more words

Life And Pets

A rare and amazing week ...

Since Sunday night, Beth, Mike and Juno have been in town. They’ve slept at the vacation house but have spent their days with us.

I feel like I have gotten to know Gary’s daughter and her husband Mike a lot better and have felt at ease. 610 more words

Life And Pets