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Santa Claus's tomb may have been uncovered beneath Turkish church

Archaeologists say they have found nearly fully intact temple and burying ground of Saint Nicholas in Antalya

Turkish archaeologists have dashed the hopes of millions of children by claiming to have uncovered the likely burial place of Saint Nicholas. 377 more words


I called Hugh Hefner a pimp, he threatened to sue. But thats what he was | Suzanne Moore

Now that hes dead, the old sleaze in the Playboy mansion is being spoken of as some kind of liberator of women. Quite the opposite, writes Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore… 825 more words


Should we ban sex robots while we have the chance? | Jenny Kleeman

AI sex dolls are on their way, with potentially sinister social repercussions. So before they hit the market, we must ask whether they should, writes robotics expert Jenny Kleeman… 820 more words


How weird does a celebrity have to be before we stop watching their films?

All celebrities are a bit weird, so when one is known for being Weird Even For A Celebrity, you know they are probably crossing over to actually quite scary… 815 more words


No business, no boozing, no casual sex: when Togo turned off the internet | Mawuna Koutonin

When young people started mobilising online against Togos president, the state switched off the internet. In the week that followed, people talked more, worked harder and had less sex all of which demonstrated bad news for the government… 1,276 more words


Sarah Connor returns: Linda Hamilton to star in Terminator 6 after 25-year absence

Latest instalment of the franchise will see Hamilton reunited with Arnold Schwarzenegger and original inventor James Cameron

Linda Hamilton is the latest name to return to the Terminator cinemas, more than 25 years since her last appearance as the series’ robot-battling heroine Sarah Connor. 465 more words


The pursuit of loneliness: how I chose a life of solitude

Hayley Campbell quit her job and moved into an empty flat. Here she explains the tough but peculiar pleasures of seclusion

Since the late 1980 s, scientists have been tracking a… 1,247 more words