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Should we stop keeping pets? Why more and more ethicists say yes

Ninety per cent of Britons think of their pet as part of the family 16% even included them on the last census. But recent research into animals emotional lives has cast doubt on the ethics of petkeeping… 1,461 more words


Im angry that my partner is not invited to my cousins wedding

Mariella Frostrup says a woman irritated her boyfried has been excluded from a family wedding must accept that decision or decline the invitation The dilemma My cousin and I were extremely close growing up as neither of us had brothers or sisters. 10 more words


Mohamed El Bachiri: Terrorists killed my wife: this is my jihad for love

Mohamed El Bachiris spouse, Loubna, passed away in a suicide attack in Brussels last& year. He talks with Emma Beddington about his manifesto for peace and raising 3 boys on his own… 1,452 more words


Kors & Choo: A Case Study in Brand Marketing

If you don’t know by now, Michael Kors will be acquiring Jimmy Choos in a billion-dollar deal. The news broke late Monday and I heard it on the radio while driving to work on Tuesday. 425 more words

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It's flavourful as hell: welcome to Hawaiis annual Spam festival

In Britain its a laughter. In Hawaii its a goody. Why does the luncheon meat have such a worship following?

Not even the drizzle can dissuade the crowds unspooling along Hawaiis Waikiki Beach. 1,945 more words

A letter to London, where my girlfriend and I could be out and proud

The letter you always wanted to write Youre the first place I visited, the first time I travelled out of my home country. When I applied for my visa, I saw your grandeur, I saw your authenticity and I longed to visit you. 19 more words


How the Trans-Siberian railway became the love train

Ann OLoughlin triggered throughout the Soviet Union almost 30 years back, trying to find experience and an opportunity to practice her Russian. Rather, she fulfilled an interesting complete stranger in a leather coat in the next carriage… 1,236 more words