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Thank You Universe: Close Call

How are you going and how has your week been?

I have one big thing to thank the Universe for this week:

Ash does swimming lessons every week in a big, proper lap pool. 201 more words


Thank you universe (TYU): Bravery

How has your week been?

This week the universe has given me bravery to tackle two very very nasty ventures:

  1. I have decided that now is my opportunity to help Ash with her sleep.
  2. 170 more words

Thank You Universe (TYU):

How has your week been?

It’s been a germ infested week at my house. Ash picked up a nasty cold, which was happily shared with my husband and I. 212 more words


Outrageous Happiness #16: Purple Doors and Other Beautiful Things

As the snow rages on here in the northeast, winter stubbornly insisting on showing its power over mortal beings, my discontent (affectionately called cabin fever) is assuaged by firewood and chocolate and beautiful things. 474 more words


It's a Wonderful World

In a world so often corrupted by wars and darkened by terrible acts in the name of perverted philosophies, occasionally a ray of light shines through the abyss of hatred and intolerance to remind you that life is not all bad news. 40 more words
Life And The Universe

Outrageous Happiness #15: Just Because

Sweeten up! Nothing elevates your day like doing a kindness for someone else. It just feels good to let that person go in front of you at the grocery checkout. 135 more words


Thought Collisions

Maybe it’s the barometric pressure? The way it can bring out aches and pains; for example, how, according to my chiropractor, a change in barometric pressure often makes the place hurt where I fractured my spine a year ago? 618 more words