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Gratitude and us

Recently my mother has been taken very ill. She has emphysema from a life-time of smoking.  Whilst I was sat with her late at night in the hospital the nurse who was looking after her on that long night shift said that we should be grateful that my mother was “asleep” through this all and that the machine she was attached to was breathing for her.  429 more words

Life And The Universe

On Being Irish, Lucky and Green

It’s upon us yet again – the day of dance and drink, and feasting on Irish bacon and cabbage, all to honor St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. 507 more words


To Know Leona

I loved her first because she loved my little girl. She loved her like her own. She sometimes spoke to her in French, and she called her Littlefoot, like the character in “The Land Before Time”. 179 more words


Dreaming the Impossible

‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales’ … 732 more words

Patience and Process

Everything’s got a process. The seasons, falling in love, solving a problem, making a meal, setting sail, etc.

So, too, with art.

With design, it’s largely a mental process. 584 more words


What Inspires You

We just finished up a big round of snow here in the Northeast. Great buckets of it swirling like a mad dance – not a soft, dreamy snowfall, but an angry, wicked one – piling up a few feet of fluffy white by the end. 575 more words


Gaia Revisited

Lovelock – where is our species headed?

When James Lovelock sprang to the attention of the wider public in the 1970s with his Gaia hypothesis, not all mainstream scientists were enthused. 619 more words