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Praising Mother Earth

“I love not man the less, but Nature more.” ~ Lord Byron

After a month or more of intensely intense (yes, twice for emphasis) deadlines ~ sanity sustained by pure will, innumerable chats with the Universe, bouts of lavender sniffing and heaping doses of hot fudge ~ I look out my window and see a lone tulip in an unexpected spot, happy and proud as can be where it landed; and while admiring this cheerful sprout, I’m reminded that we have arrived at Earth Day. 215 more words


Really, I'm Fine

These things are sent to try us. When it rains it pours. This too shall pass. All things for a reason. Yada yada.

Sometimes life seems to run roughshod over your best intentions. 82 more words


Thank you Universe: SLEEP

Somebody buy me a bottle of champagne! This week I have a lot to thank the universe for.

Finally after almost 10 months of sleep deprivation, I GOT TO SLEEP FOR 6 WHOLE HOURS! 221 more words


Staying Humble

There’s the occasional foot-in-mouth moment. The you-can’t-explain-why times. The useless but sometimes enlightening what-was-I-thinking’s. The poorly timed brain overload creating havoc with numbers (oops, I was only kidding?). 232 more words


Thank you Universe

How are you going and how has your week been?

What small wins have you had?

This week, we have ventured yet again down the baby sleep training path. 275 more words


Thank you Universe 

Hi! How has your week been?

What small wins have you had this week?

It’s been a bit of an up and down week for me. 311 more words


Thank You Universe: Close Call

How are you going and how has your week been?

I have one big thing to thank the Universe for this week:

Ash does swimming lessons every week in a big, proper lap pool. 201 more words