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I DO Believe in Spring, I do, I do!


GREEN. The hyacinths have made an appearance, although worryingly the crocus have not. There are daffodil shoots poking their heads out of the leaves too! 124 more words


March is the Cruelest Month

Yesterday it was in the upper-40s here, and rained heavily. By evening most of the snow on the ground had melted off, and I noticed that my hyacinths were peeping up through the mulch out back! 223 more words


Snow Day!

So for the last two days, this has been happening:

Which, as I live in a state that shuts down when it snows, means a lot of this has been happening as well: 15 more words


I Survived!

It felt like a close call from time to time, but I managed to survive to Winter Break! Time to put up some decorations,

bake some cookies, 24 more words


I needed to keep the grey matter busy. Here is the result

I seems crazy looking back but during the period that I was unable to do what I enjoy, photography, I discovered I enjoy something else. 2,911 more words

Paul Lashmar

How lax, over two years without a post

I do have a lame arsed excuse, I’ve not been well. I smacked on the head some time back and I’ve struggled to get back to some form of normality. 370 more words


I Do, In Fact, Have Internet

Hi all. It occurs to me I haven’t updated in…2 weeks? I’m still here, but we had an unexpected death in the family and we’ve all been scrambling to stay afloat, so the blog has kind of fallen by the wayside. 50 more words