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Now, in Nairobi

Bekah and I flew to Paris yesterday—actually it was two days ago, yes? We had a layover long enough that we could go through customs to grab coffee with my sister and two of her little ones. 464 more words

Mission To Nairobi August 2019


I loved the Wonder Years…

One of the things I loved most about it was the theme song. I’m a tv theme song junkie… ask me to “sing” one, I probably know it. 1,006 more words

Life And Times


Talk about distortion of time! I have gone about today assuming its Saturday, which is why I missed posting. I’m also preoccupied with a visiting VC, with whom there is much to catch up on. 126 more words

Life And Times

Unhappy Independence Day

I woke up and realised it’s Independence Day because the gym was empty and I had an easy-breezy drive to the airport. I wondered why, and realised, long weekend, Independence Day, etc. 416 more words

Life And Times

I can laugh

Yesterday was essay submission day, and as usual it was a dash. This, despite having done some work progressively over the last couple of days, and having practiced nearly every single day for the last ten days. 779 more words

Life And Times

Step up

Yesterday I had what felt like a seminal therapy session. So much was stirred up for me with this experience from a few weeks ago, that over the last 10-15 days I’ve been regurgitating much of it, trying to process, learn and put into practice what has come from it. 192 more words

Life And Times

Beyond the Walls

Lemme tell y’all about what Black Excellence looks like, imma try to get my Ernie Barnes “Sugar Shack” paint on up in here… cuz I need y’all to see the braids swaying, the hips undulating to hit a perfect O -opened on point and closed on point, and the fancy footwork of the Turbo hustle in heels and hard-bottoms. 1,238 more words

Life And Times