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Lithos Wines Family

The Beautiful Lithos Wines family!
It was such a privilege spending some time on their farm in the pine trees, surrounded by vineyards and fynbos, enveloped by the glorious mountain on one side and an uninterrupted view of our coastal line on the other.

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Your Top Ten Insecurities

Since I’ve become a photographer, people have shared many of their physical insecurities with me. I used to tell people that they looked beautiful, but after a while I learned that wasn’t useful. 416 more words


Creativity and Commerce: The Difference A Budget Makes

I belong to a community of artists who often discuss the relationship of the artist with their community and with commerce. There has been a lot of discussion of what it means to support an artist, to give them money to produce work, and what that will mean for the artist and the work itself. 338 more words


Help Me Pick Photos for My Kickstarter Campaign

Help me decide which photos I should use in my upcoming Kickstarter campaign. In just a few weeks, I’m planning to launch a Kickstarter for my project, In Their Own Worlds, where I photograph authors in the worlds of their novels. 220 more words


Why cousin Jimmy should not be your photographer

So you’re getting hitched? Everything is planned and paid for…what about the photographer? “Oh it’s okay, my cousin Jimmy has a really good camera that takes nice pictures, he will do it for us for free.” NOT OKAY. 946 more words


Cloud waves

My absolute favourite thing about living in Bournemouth is the gorgeous beach. What I love about this shot is that the hills on the background almost act as a mirror, because the clouds and waves look so similar.


Festive accessories

We got some adorable Christmas hats for our wine glasses last December, making each sip taste even better!