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{The walls we build}

For a remarkably blended society, we are shockingly isolated.

Unknowingly, each of us lives within walls built by our own hands. Of course, we don’t see them as a bad thing. 469 more words

Real Faith


Pam had planned to travel to a swing state to help with the election, but a jazz cruise came calling. She travelled to Spain, Italy and France with jazz musicians and listened concerts on the boat and explored.  332 more words

Obama Volunteering


Despite living in a “Red State”, Silvia is a Democrat. Her husband is a Democrat. In fact, despite both of them both working at NASA; they did not meet there.  147 more words

Obama Volunteering

Telemarketing for President

My old company wouldn’t let us volunteer for politics. So this idea of campaigning is new.

But come on – I’ve seen the movies. Minus the cheating candidate and some murder that leads back to a campaign manager, how different can it really be. 564 more words

Obama Volunteering