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The Couple At Table 10

I greet people with the most positive attitude, because that’s who I am! I smile a lot, I laugh a lot, and I absolutely love life! 511 more words


Well, isn't this interesting?

As many of you may already know, I have taken on an internship to gain experience that will hopefully help me attain employment in the publishing/editing/writing field. 4,626 more words

Server Problems

The Server’s Code: Cover Catastrophes, Part II

When you work in a restaurant, there are different types of coverage.  There’s standard shift coverage, covering your ass, covering someone else’s ass, covering a section…you get the idea.   351 more words

People Suck

The Table That Tipped Tip

Mother’s Day is probably the busiest day for most dine-in restaurants (Valentine’s Day may be a close contender…) and at my restaurant of employment, we were on a wait of at least an hour since the doors opened.  374 more words


The story of a woman named Lila

Last night, in the middle of the dinner rush, I was seated with a single woman who appeared to be quite distraught.  I knew that my other tables were all set, so I decided to approach her and to introduce myself.  822 more words


Happy Easter

Dear Restaurant Go-ers,

Do you love your family?  Do you love your friends?  Do you love Jesus?  Do you love spending quality time with these wonderful people on the holidays?  240 more words


I'd like a water with lemon please -- take 2

Okay so some of you avid Tip/Check readers will recall an earlier post titled I’d like a water with lemon please in which I discuss…well, water with lemon.  506 more words