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"But I thought celibacy was just...." 

There is often this…sense of being out of step with the world. Yet other times I feel I’m striding along with everyone at the same pace. 710 more words

Life Beyond PTSD

The Twilight of Disability and Handicap Parking

“You look fine to me” This is the refrain I hear most often. Or the worst of the worst “You’re just wanting attention you look fine” Most recently I was sitting outside at a business where I’d parked in the handicap space. 1,259 more words

Life Beyond PTSD

Wednesday Poetry "As The World Rushes By"

“As The World Rushes By”

The world rushes by

I limp along at the slowest of paces

Aching for the days I ran effortlessly

Was it so effortless? 166 more words

Life Beyond PTSD

Wednesday Poetry; "Words Saved My Life" 

“Words Saved My Life”


And more words

They draw me in

They satisfy like no other

They cause emotion

Which happens no other way… 154 more words

Life Beyond PTSD

Poetry Wednesdays, "The Story of the Wings of Freedom"

February 22, 2017 (Wednesday)

“The Wings of Freedom”

A child hides in a corner far behind a bed

Holding her teddy bear praying someone will help her… 732 more words

Life Beyond PTSD

Poetry Wednesdays "Race Towards The Sun"

Drifting away down the river

I hold myself in a fetal position

I smell the water all around me

I feel my body drifting towards… 116 more words

Life Beyond PTSD

Perception Series, "Blood in the Water" a repost re: Bullying

PTSD: Blood in the Water(Posted by Bree N. on March 1, 2015 to USFRA.org The United States First Responders Association a Non Profit for the support of Public Safety & 1st Responders personnel) 644 more words

Life Beyond PTSD