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One Step Closer!

You know what is the most amazing part about this city?  That you can literally sit on Marine Drive for hours, feeling the breeze on your face and the taste of the sea on your lips and still never feel like getting up. 754 more words

Recognizing the Ache

I didn’t know I could paint until I was forty-seven. I didn’t even know I wanted to paint before “the ache” started. One day I felt this sucking feeling in my chest, and then my fingers literally started to ache as if something wanted to come out.  87 more words


Trust Your Intuition

“Every life we touch intersects. Every Action goes out and comes back. Don’t be afraid of living in an awakened state….and don’t be afraid to listen to that inner voice.” 476 more words

Darling, The Glass Slipper Fits.

This past fall, I purchased an adorable pair of boots from Joyfolie, one of my favorite online boutiques. (No, this isn’t an add for them. 665 more words


Why India?

Why not attend yoga teacher training close to home?  It would me more convienient for me and less stressfull for my family.  I would be gone 3 months.   299 more words

Sunday School: Change

Being open to change in your life is a scary thing. It is unknown. Fear. Darkness. Sometimes, however, it is what you truly need… and what you truly want. 377 more words

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