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How I got here

It’s an interesting feeling when the people you love go off and start finding their life purposes…and you sit at home, cleaning up after a toddler and a puppy. 334 more words

Life in a fish tank

I had a dream one night about a beta fish that was in a 1 gallon tank. As it began to blow bubbles, we realized that this fish was ready to mate. 942 more words

To Love is to Heal.

Someone once told me that ‘You cannot heal a person, you can only love them.’ At that time I had thought to myself that if I ever encountered a person so broken and so weathered down by life, I would sprint in the opposite direction. 618 more words

Musings And Personal

Two years later, Tanzania calls me home

TANZANIA, ARRIVAL: I expect tears to fill my eyes when the car pulls up to Save Africa. That my first words will lurch thickly from my throat or be lost to the silent choke of too many emotions. 1,234 more words

Destiny, does it exist?

The Bible teaches that man was created with the ability to make moral choices and that he is responsible for those choices. God’s word is full of historical examples and scripture that point to this idea. 299 more words


A Miracle called Fate.

Have you ever met someone and instantly known that they would be an important part of your life, no matter what? You don’t have a reason or even the remotest clue as to why you have that strange feeling in your heart. 730 more words

Musings And Personal

Advice for Aspiring Coaches

Life Coaching. It attracts people as a profession.

And for good reason.

There are a lot of us out there wondering if we are doing it right.  1,697 more words

Life Coaching