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Sometimes laughter is the best medicine

My little boy and I sat together at our kitchen table staring in to each others eyes. We were in the middle of a face off, over school work – neither one of us wanting to back down The tension was high and I knew it was going to end in tears soon and then in walked my little toddler. 212 more words

Life Captured

dreaming big...

I am a dreamer. I love to sit and dream and think and plan all sorts of wonderful things for my life.

I also dream in the night, when I am asleep my mind is active. 302 more words

Blessed Little Thoughts

Let your light shine

I get frustrated over my height. I don’t like standing out in a crowd and I face the never ending battle of finding pants that are long enough for me (the struggle is real). 400 more words

Blessed Little Thoughts

Dreaming of adventures

Once upon a time I used to dream of wondrous adventures, about taking off into the big wide world with the wind in my hair and the sunshine on my face. 315 more words

Blessed Little Thoughts

Chapter 23 : What Does 23 Actually Feels Like

It’s November 2014 now and it finally hit me that I’m turning 24 years old soon enough. Time does fly, doesn’t it? Before I turn one year older next year, I would like to part with a nice note with my Chapter 23. 665 more words

Thoughts From Within

Attention to Detail - A Summer Garden Story

Charles Dudley Warner, an American essayist, was Mark Twain’s friend and neighbor. Although often attributed to Twain, it was Warner who quipped, “Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” No doubt complaints about the weather factored into his observations while writing “ 145 more words

Life Captured