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For Old Times' Sake

Today, as I was going for a walk in order to try and continue the fitness kickstart I began yesterday – itself kickstarted by needing to counteract the horrible body-weird caused by my first ever anti-anxiety medication – something dawned on me. 2,164 more words


Why I Feel like a Social Outlier

One of the greatest things I’ve realized is that I’m not crazy. I don’t play games, I don’t lie (unless it’s necessary; like when little kids ask how babies are made), and I certainly keep my intentions clear when it comes to dating. 552 more words

Life In Bad Neighbornoods!

Hello, I’m starting to enjoy this writing stuff.  I have noticed, writing can be relaxing.  I would like to talk more about my childhood, and living in bad neighborhoods.  251 more words

Life Changes

We'll See Where We Land

Friends have been asking where I’m at with writing and editing at the moment, and it occurs to me that I’ve let my blog languish. An unexpected side effect of living with people again is that when I feel ranty or something noteworthy happens I just, you know, argue with a living human instead of blurting it out on the internet. 649 more words

I Feel Like I Need A Change

Hi Internet People,

Okay, this past week I have been rethinking some of my life choices. Not like super extreme life choices, but some of my more recent choices. 829 more words

Little Bits Of Random


Excerpt from the David Bowie song:

I watch the ripples change their size
But never leave the stream
Of warm impermanence and
So the days float through my eyes…

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Bob Isn't the Cheerleader

Who can tell me what Bob the Builder, Spiderman, Hot Wheels, Frogs, and Woody from Toy Story all have in common?

You could answer that they are all things a boy likes.   359 more words