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Now What? or: My Plan, Stan

I talked to my boss. I put in my two weeks. Even though she was very adamant about taking me back if I changed my mind, ever, there really is no going back. 884 more words


Finding True Contentment

Before I go into this, I want to explainwhy I didn’t call this post “Finding True Happiness.” I think there’s a big difference between happiness and contentment in life. 252 more words


Confessions of a formally fit Mom


I have decided to make some changes in my life. We all come to a cross roads at some point or another, I just didn’t expect mine to come so early into my 30’s. 146 more words

Life Change

Visited Burlington

be longing. on the
swing set
we almost watched
fire. works
on the lake
on the
cliff s,
sushi and ginger ale and
maybe leav… 24 more words

What to do?

My dad usually calls me for any summer type of holiday and invites the family over to swim. Sometimes we go, sometimes we don’t. It just depends on what we are doing, but I always get the phone call. 451 more words


4th of July Reflections - happy anniversary

This weekend, in many ways, marks our one year anniversary here in Jacksonville. While it was actually the end of June last year that we arrived, it was the 4th of July when the reality of our having moved here struck us. 559 more words

New Home


Sylvia and I were laying in bed talking last night. I love it when we have time to just lay in bed and talk. We have talked marriage, and I said something about asking her to marry me and she said, “well what if I want to ask YOU?” I know that even in heterosexual relationships that the woman can ask the man to marry her. 388 more words