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When you need a change but don't know what...

There something about Autumn I’ve always loved, which is the feeling of having opportunities to grab.

The problem is: what opportunities are you talking about, brain?? 74 more words


The Magical Year of Success

If you knew you couldn’t fail what would you do to succeed to achieve your life’s goals and dreams? Given six months, no more than, a year, would you change your believes to change your mindset to accomplish your desires for success? 776 more words



I’m back! I’ve had my ups and downs since I last posted. I’ve done this blog because it’s my outlet instead of holding in everything. Holding shit in in my past is what almost killed me. 784 more words

A Bittersweet Weekend

It’s been a busy and bittersweet weekend.

Friday I traveled back to my home state to visit my kids for Homecoming. I also said, “See you later” to My Girl, and I have no idea when later will be. 887 more words



I’m sorry.

I always do this. Commit myself to a new writing project and for the first few weeks chuck myself in with gusto.

Then a bad week comes along, and I’m super busy, or super sleepy and somehow it’s 8 days and I haven’t posted anything. 619 more words

2 years old!

Celebrating 2 years of writing about my life, starting from my publishing MA to graduating, finding work experience and the full time employment search and all the life stages in between! 36 more words

And Now For Something Completely Different...