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So, Has it Been What You Thought?

This is a question I often get asked regarding our semi-recent move over to Bowen Island, BC.

Most of the time it is asked in sincerity and with love. 389 more words

Random Yogi Thoughts

Mjeeby Explains: I've Been Here 2 Weeks Already!

I’m still starstruck every now and then that I am actually living on a different continent.

The past two weeks since being picked up from my hotel with Sofie by the lovely Madeline, have been a whirlwind of crazy! 253 more words


Life As I Know It Is About To Change

On Monday, my life as I have known it for over 5 years now, is going to change.  All three of my toddlers will be going to school.   584 more words

Domesticated Momster


Welcome to the ramblings of a newly converted vegan. I just want to clarify a few things here, I’m only on a vegan diet, not a full vegan lifestyle and I only became a vegan in June 2015 so this is all still pretty new to me. 281 more words


Final Semester of Grad School

I started back to work with an inservice week and then the kids returned last Monday. My last two graduate school classes started last Monday too. 198 more words


♪♫I'm goin' to Jackson(ville)♪♫

That’s right. Leg One of my journey. Actually, leg two, but who’s counting.

Leg One was exploring via the internet:
I. Apartment rental sites,

A. Apartment Subsidy Sites… 244 more words


Bugiardo and the Signorina

Link to Part 1

I stared dumbly at the man, who before had seemed rather benign, but now appeared more sinister.  He leaned forward and reached for my hand, shaking it and introduced himself as Signore Bugiardo.   526 more words

Flash Fiction