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Startup Death March... Fuck Me!

It’s the dream of every internet startup founder to sell their company for millions of dollars.

But not everyone can make a quick buck like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg or the investors of Instagram who recouped enormous amounts of money on their original investments. 656 more words


Priorities In Life

If you really want to do something in this life, you will find the time.  It all comes down to priorities.   I learned this early on in life. 526 more words

 App Business

What makes a successful mobile app? What factors increase conversion on mobile?

There are a lot of little factors that build up to a really successful mobile app, but the most important aspect to focus on is the user. 809 more words


It Begins with a Thought

Have you ever heard the saying, It Begins with a Thought? Well it does…think about it! Your self confidence begins with a thought. Paying attention to your thinking about who you are can… 93 more words


Did You Have the Green Light?

When I first started driving I would always hear my family say, “Oh Lord, let me get off the road!” Everyone else thought it was funny, but I knew that I could drive and didn’t find it amusing at all. 294 more words

Relationship Help! My Partner Wants me to Relocate for His New Job!

Help! My Partner Wants me to Relocate for his Career…

This situation is becoming a bigger problem than ever before due to unemployment on the rise and the difficulty in finding a job that can help advance your career. 454 more words


Leadership Safari 2016

For you to understand my legacy on Leadership Safari, you would need to know my story of why Central Michigan University left a legacy on me. 648 more words

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