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Small Life Update

Ok guys. This week has been rough. If you actually have been reading and might be waiting for my review of the Workout E-book I was doing, yeah life isn’t playing in my favor. 489 more words

Change My Life

Psychological Effects of A Diagnosis

My mind has been elsewhere as of late; recovery from pulmonary emboli which includes a lot of rest and self awareness, processing my hospital stay and what led me there and thinking about my future is only some of the things my brain has been ruminating about. 655 more words

Transiberian Train journey

Lots of bucket list ticks going on right now. Transiberian Train!!! I’m so excited! 4 days on a train, eventually arriving in Baikal.

I boarded in Moscow, and as soon as I saw the room, I kinda thought ‘oh dear god, what have I done’. 175 more words


Managing Depression

Learning how to cope with what mental disorder that you may have, can be healthy and beneficial to you. Besides taking care of yourself. Talking to others. 474 more words

The Life-changing Perspective.

Disclaimer: This post may change how you view Life. But you will have to read it till the end to understand it properly.

We have been taught by our schools that if one option is right the other options are definitely wrong or if you are able to deduce 99% options as wrong the remaining one is the right.

459 more words

Chapter 286: The distance between my butt and the ground...

Name: Jane Rene Maria
Game: My Secret Online Fitness Game
Battle: Battle FOUR
Weight Loss Battles ONE – THREE: 30 lbs
Last measured body weight: 156.4 lbs… 191 more words


Moving In

Today is finally the day I moved all my stuff into the house I’m staying at. It took a couple weeks to get all my stuff here and unpack , but it’s still exciting. 63 more words

Life Changing