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The Recipe For A Happy Life

I am so inspired by this man’s story!  Live simply, quietly and frugally and look for quality over quantity.  You will have a happy life (and just might become a Surprise Millionaire in the end :))


Atonement Is Biblical, Propitiation Is Not

Trying to appease a police officer by offering him or her a gift would be considered bribery. Why is it that so many interpreters of Scripture fail to consider bribery a gift made to God with the intent to obtain favors from Him? 672 more words

Tayaba Power Of A Smile

In her own words, former Smile Train patient, Tayaba Humayun, explains how her strength and determination helped her overcome various obstacles growing up with a cleft lip and palate, and how these challenges made her the successful person she is today.   475 more words

Patient Stories

One Simple Thing Can Change Your Life

Growing American Youth came to me at a very important time in my life. I was just coming to terms with my sexuality, I didn’t know a single gay person, I was smoking, drinking, experimenting with drugs, and I was desperately trying to recover from an eating disorder/depression. 921 more words


Anxiously waiting for baby girl to arrive...

Happy July! Its finally due date month. These past nine months have really flown by for Ronnie and I. In my last post I said I would talk about our 3D/4D ultrasound that we got done. 707 more words


What starting a paleo diet/lifestyle did for me

I’ve mostly been posting recipes and I was soooo excited to see how many of you liked them! You guys definitely inspired me to come up with waaay more of them in the future so I want to thank all of you who read my posts, like them and started following my blog :D means a lot! 1,126 more words


A Funeral For My Original Best Buddy

I lost one of the sweetest, loving, most-caring men that has ever walked the earth this past week. He passed away last Thursday night and he meant the world to me, more than just what a Grandfather would be mean to a boy. 1,273 more words