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8 Marks of Humility You Should Embrace

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What is humility? Some say it is accepting who you are. Not thinking highly of yourself. Not putting yourself before others. Being humble. 226 more words

Life Changing

Can infidelity help a marriage survive?

While being in the midst of asking for separation and meanwhile liking and enjoying the company of another… I have been thinking about infidelity a lot… whether by a husband or a wife with single partners or for two married couples… 516 more words


The birth of Fatherish

Living in a small town and walking to and from work meant I went a lot of places. But for me the month of November, the last few days of fall, I seemed to gravitate to Subway. 258 more words


You Will Change Once You Stop Blaming Everybody but Yourself

John as his friends call him is a young man born in Busia County. His birth names are Patrick Sitati. Since he finished college, John has been in search of white collar jobs but he is always hitting at a dead end. 611 more words

Life Changing

Weighing In

I am sure I am not alone in the temptation to weigh in everyday!  Yes, I was doing it, every morning, jumping on the scales to see what had left me in the past 24 hours, and for almost 10 days, it was the most depressing activity of my day – I had stalled.  448 more words

Life Changing


The never being hurt was what was hurting

Protection that became Achilles’ heel

The pain of not allowing to believe in

Reality is something we can feel… 150 more words


It's OK to Not Be OK, Just Don't Stay There!

It’s OK to Not Be OK, Just Don’t Stay There!

It was exactly one year ago… May 21, 2012. The day after my 51st birthday. A day that I will never ever forget for the rest of my life. 1,727 more words