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So how did I come to this life changing decision?

So why now ?

I always regretted not travelling in my 20s but I bought a house at the age of 23 and I was tied. 372 more words


Iles Brought Me Back

After dropping out of college for the first time, I took a break from reading, one I much regret. I was skateboarding in 105% of my free time, and working until three and sometimes four in the morning. 402 more words


Take responsibility!

I constantly hear the phrase ‘ why does it happen to me’ and I have to say I find it infuriating. On the whole we do not drift through life on a whim, the things that happen are usually a direct response to our own behaviour. 227 more words

The Stroll

This evening I set out for a stroll, just like I usually do, though observing the environment as well as my surroundings is something I always do, today I felt like penning down my thoughts. 1,735 more words


Ghanaian Peace.

I have finally made peace with Ghana… I think. I went to Ghana three years ago and it’s a trip that impacted on me like no trip ever has.  1,223 more words


Read Your Word This Morning?

As I read God’s Word, I give Him Praise, Honor and Glory for His Word because every time I get into His Word there is revelation about something or someone. 190 more words


The point of no return

2 pm,
Location: A popular gym in Bandra, during Women’s hour.

The walls of the gym resonated with raucous laughter. Women chatted loudly, as they huffed and puffed their weight off. 705 more words