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Since The Day I Married You

We went for a hike, my husband and I.

I carried the pack.

We wore shoes for dry hiking.  And I carried, along with our lunch, our water, our phones and our keys, a pair of shoes for each of us, for wet hiking through a stream as suggested for the conditions we would be trekking through.  94 more words

Life Chatter

Silently You May See

In silence,

I walk.

Until my movement picks a rhythm.


Silently you may see me walk.

While I know

I am dancing.

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Life Chatter

Leave It At That

What you think

Does not matter,

It’s what you believe.

Those crazy and unpredictable thoughts sneak in on everybody.

Send them packing.

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Life Chatter

Oh So Close

Night is falling and falling fast.

No matter how quickly I move I can’t catch it, stop it or stall it.

Not that I want to stop it or stall it, 87 more words

Life Chatter

The Steps Out Back

The steps out back

Are made of wood.

They lead no where but up and down.

Sometimes I go sit there.

Out there, where no one else is. 270 more words

Life Chatter

Just On The Thought Of You

Imagine the power

Of your existence

If someone can light their candle

Just on the thought of, the memory of,



Life Chatter

Power Lifting

I am no less strong

For knowing my weakness(es).

Discovering and knowing our personal truths are powerlifting character exercises.

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Life Chatter