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The Ugly of Me

Sitting with my back to the world

Isn’t always so I don’t have to see the ugly of the world,

But hoping the world doesn’t see the ugly of me. 20 more words

Life Chatter

It Worked on Facebook....

No frills promotion and advertising.

I think I missed my calling.

Advertising agencies are sad I am not in the business.


Life Chatter

When The Sun Hit Me

There was a moment,


When the sun hit me

Just right.

The heat on my face

The shine in the sky

The humid air… 87 more words

Life Chatter

Lost In Nothing

I feel guilty if I sit and do nothing.


If I find myself staring into what appears to be ‘nothing’

And get lost in all that I find out there, 10 more words

Life Chatter

Dad and Softball and Kids and Beer

I have an image

very clear to me

Of dad.

It’s not sunny,

But we are outside

Playing ‘hotbox’ with dad.

He stands in one spot… 181 more words

Life Chatter

My Father My Father



My Father My Dad

Thank you

For the time that we had.

My Father and I


My Father and his Father, My Grandfather. 72 more words

Life Chatter

If Only

If only it were as easy to smooth out life’s rough edges

As the roughness on pallet boards.

I could do that.

And I’d probably open up shop. 7 more words

Life Chatter