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Dealing with your insecurities

​A friend once said to me, when I admitted to having insecurities (as if I was not supposed to have them). She raised her eyebrows and said quite frankly, “Insecurities. 759 more words

Angry At The World? Use That Anger For Good

Maybe it’s just me, but it appears that anger is the main emotion of our time. Yes, there is kindness, and I do meet people who are not angry; yet, of the people I meet, more display anger than who display kindness. 1,301 more words

Third Step In The Law Of Attraction

Now, this next step in my system isn’t really a step in the traditional Law of Attraction post that most others write about. However, i think it’s vital. 717 more words

Law Of Attraction

Weathering the Storm

​As I was driving to work on this windy day my car was being pushed side to side. I had to keep adjusting my steering wheel to keep from going too far to the left or to the right otherwise the wind would have blown me into one of the other lanes. 201 more words