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One of the greatest experiences I believe, as a human being, is the range and depth of our emotions. We must always give ourselves and others permission at every age to express emotions in a responsible way. 934 more words


Three Steps to Transform Your Life

The Three Main Points

Lena Kay is a transformation life coach. She was born a refugee and was an university dropout. But despite her circumstances, she was able to become a cooperate leader. 493 more words


Shedding Our Cocoons

“And then I said to the world: You will see me. You will hear me. I am not afraid. — The day I left my damn cocoon so I could fly.” 796 more words

The wonder and awe beyond addiction

I am a big fan of Alcoholics Anonymous. It literally saved my life. When I finished my 12th Step, I had achieved what Bill W. promised: a spiritual awakening. 622 more words

An open letter to myself as a child

Dear Katie,

There will be a picture of you, well many in fact. But one stands out for years. You’re about ten years old. You’re holding a clown cupcake and your face is stained with kool-aid. 358 more words


Update to Healthy Living 53 - the business of the gym, my version

From the time I was little, I had these grand delusions of being a company CEO – running my own business.  Often, I would have these grand ideas, but when it came to monetizing it, things would break down.  1,665 more words

Healthy Living

Life Coach, Award-Winning Producer, And Speaker, Jim Holzknecht, Hits Amazon Best Seller Lists ...

Best-selling author, Jim Holzknecht, is also an award-winning producer. Along with Becky Hays, he produced the internationally distributed film Beyond Belief about the law of attraction, the power of the subconscious mind and the role beliefs play in life. 30 more words

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