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Significant Emotional Events

Mental Health has no boarders, it does not recognise age, sex, wealth, position, power or celebrity. Mental Health is something we live with every day of our lives, good and not so good. 1,066 more words

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A Humbling Retreat

The signs were all there. I slept poorly, I was still tired when I awoke, the studios were in disarray and I had to scramble to clean up and tidy them in time for each class. 789 more words

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Advice for Meeting a Blue’s Needs

Who doesn’t want their needs to be met? Each personality color comes with its own set of needs, but many people are likely not meeting these needs due to not being aware of what they are. 437 more words

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How? Why? What?

How can something so wonderful change to the face of someone lost in their own Mental Health. This young girl spent one year in a clinic only to go on to commit suicide 5 days after coming home. 316 more words

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