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As we grow, we grow. Keep going.

As we grow we inevitably, grow. We change, hopefully for the better, as we learn about ourselves, the world and life. Our opinions and beliefs change as we are introduced to new information. 565 more words

How Life Coaches (like me) Coach Clients

Life Coaching is a service that encourages people to achieve what they want to be,do or have in their life. Coaches work with clients by addressing their core gifts, skills and innate ability by exploring their core values, beliefs, and ideas and using that perception to guide them where they are right now to where they want to be. 789 more words


Contemplating The Negative

Who are these people who are positively positive, 24/7?  I’m not one of them.

Those people remind me of those with thought provoked smiles on their faces, 24/7.  389 more words


People Who Don't Want You to be You

They say they have your best interests at heart,

and that they want you to be happy.

But you are happy. Perhaps, with their support, you could be happier. 283 more words

Spending time outdoors

I lead a pretty indoorsy life. We didn’t even have a garden until recently and having lived very close to a town centre for about 8 years I spent very little time outside. 243 more words

Life Balance

Moms Who Blog

I have made it into the club of moms who have years of education and professional experience who blog. Why is this different from other bloggers? 417 more words

Broward County

LADIES...stop assuming.


Just because a guy might be very physically attractive doesn’t automatically mean he is a player, has a ton of women he sleeps with, or has a lot of women attempting to get with him. 111 more words