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Vacation Or Work? Who Wins?

When two good things come along your way, you have to choose the one with a bigger weight.

“Na i-book ka na ng flight ng Mommy mo.” Woah!

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Life Confessions

A Mother's Day Message For My Dear Yvette

Because it is Mother’s day, feel free to digest my warmest message to my dear Mommah :)

To my dearest Mommey,

There were a lot of things I wanted to write to you. 1,428 more words

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The Way of the Cross

Others did the Visita Iglesia on a Maundy Thursday but my family had it awhile ago. It has always been our family tradition to have Visita Iglesia on a… 1,957 more words

Life Confessions

Nick Joaquin’s MGA AMA, MGA ANAK


          Before I begin with my reaction paper, I would like to commend all the actors, from the extras down to the main characters, for having a superb performance. 948 more words

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Message to Haters

HATE. Four letter word. But describes more than a four letter word. Its the opposite of love. And people seem to love hate. I dont get why people like that. 910 more words


So recently, a friend of mine is having trouble with work because of the tension between his co-workers and their bosses. He said that they’re all worked out from talking with clients while standing up all day, and still had to deal with other matters such as over-breaks, etc. 376 more words

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