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Today I did #5

Have not written in a while and I missed it, I prefer have this feeling rather than forcing myself. Hello again I say, nothing much has happened since my last post, sad honestly. 599 more words

Life Continues...


I just got a notification from wordpress. This is the blogs official 5th year being up.

So what am I talking about? OVBIOUSLY!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! / 497 more words

Life Continues...

Same topic, different energy.

I’ll suggest a song to read this with since I think today’s writing vibed with this song:

Landslide by Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac)

I written a lot yesterday and it got corrupted, perks of living in hell. 615 more words

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Wake up call, but I feel fine

Short update.

I broke up with my ex… but I don’t feel bad at all.

Actually, wanted to make the “my ex still misses me, but their aim is getting better” joke but like, haha, they don’t miss me. 281 more words

Life Continues...

Today I did #2


I haven’t really mentioned how I wouldn’t be writing everyday as long as I’m in quarantine because all that will end up being written is “Hi, today I ate, slept and peed”, which definitely isn’t ideal for a blog entry. 414 more words

Life Continues...

A recap

It has been 5 years since I started writing up online and so far I certainly know one thing, coming up with the first sentence was the hardest and the most make it or break it point in this blog. 288 more words

Life Continues...