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Tao of Spring

I love this time of year — one foot stepping away from dismal winter, the other turning toward spring’s pulsating energy and invigorating growth.

Mother Nature turns her pages as weeping cherry blossoms invite sleepy trees to leaf out.  117 more words


The future of reproductive choice

I’m not taking sides on the abortion debate, just drawing maps of the potential future, so don’t shoot the messenger.

An average baby girl is born with a million eggs, still has 300,000 when she reaches puberty, and subsequently releases 300 – 400 of these over her reproductive lifetime. 1,425 more words


The Time In-Between

Where the Magic Begins and Ends-Post #18

Audio Thoughts

It’s nothing but a cycle. A cycle that is waiting to be controlled. A… 460 more words

Thoughts And Opinions

Tororo @ Tokyo

It is the one, if not one of the gooey-ist foods on planet Japan and it is something you either love or despise, but I love it. 23 more words

Life Cycles

Drinks Ahoy Tokyo

A new friend and a magical mixoligist – he has styled and the perfect balance for mixing some of Tokyo’s finest /BRAVISSIMO/

Life Cycles

Hokkaido Beef Terrine

Hokkaido beef terrine with foie gras and served just the way I like it: pickles and mustard and some great Burgundy and french baguette with of course the best French butter.

Life Cycles

Dylan Jackson

It is a moment of surprise, yet Michael Jackson had his moments, we try to forget his nasty-world when he was trapped in a closet.

Life Cycles