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Etna Butcher

Driving up Etna you cannot miss a stop in to the Shalai, a small boutique hotel and a one star restaurant located en route in Linguaglossa on Via Umberto 11: … 158 more words

Life Cycles


Bending but not breaking

Adapting despite adversity

Possibilities through pressure

Opportunities instead obstacles

Strength from storms



Creative Writing

Venice Light

There is something about Venice light, reflection and the green waters – we all adore the opportunity to see Venice when the lights shines bright.

Life Cycles

Lavender Pasta

A fantastic combination and taste combined with lavender, Parmigiano, capers, and red onion puree.

Life Cycles

Grecian Beauty

The beauty of the Aegean is never boring, sea, salad and whenever the sun shines the water is blue. Now just think of a country who is famous for its salad. 24 more words

Life Cycles

9 September 18: Seven of Clubs

Maintaining your position.¬†On this card of the suit of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) we see a human standing in front of 6 staves planted in the ground, and he is holding the 7th as if it’s a spear he’s ready to throw. 250 more words


Fassone Tartufo Burger

What can I say except if you have to eat a burger, eat a fassone burger with tartufo Nero on a perfectly cooked bun; say no to; two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce-cheese, pickles on a sesame seed bun.

Life Cycles